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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v5.7.0.0 Release Notes (20-Sep-2023)

This release contains the major features listed below:

Key Features

  • Restore Drill
  • Immutable Backup Support
  • Microsoft 365 Archive Mailboxes Support
  • Restore Performance Tuning


Backup Destination

  • Enhanced exception handling for Backblaze Destination (ref: T-25218)
  • Support for ListObjectsV2 API for S3 Destination (ref: T-36616)
  • Prompt to show confirmation of trusting the custom cert of S3 compatible destinations (ref: T-35695)
  • Support Immutable Storage mode (WORM) on S3 Destination (ref: T-37029)
  • Support adding existing Azure container as destination (ref: T-37368)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365

  • Add Search function in Restore UI for M365 Backupsets (ref: T-36767)
  • Merge all Sub-Index Files into One Single index (ref: T-35885)
  • Restore Performance Tuning for Document versioning (ref: T-36275)
  • Backup Performance Tuning for Sharepoint Sites & Mails (ref: T-36573)
  • Restore Performance Tuning for Sharepoint (ref: T-35837)
  • Support for M365 Archive Mailbox (ref: T-37145)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MS Exchange Mail

  • Merge all Sub-Index Files into One Single index (ref: T-35885)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Others

  • Support for Oracle 19c Standard Edition (ref: T-36680)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMware

  • Remove SFTP/SSH connection for VMware ESXi / vCenter Backupsets (ref: T-35618)
  • Support for ESXi Server 8 and vCenter Server 8 (ref: T-36601)

File Backup/Restore

  • Support to restore file where the folder contain duplicated files (ref: T-36900)


  • Enhanced mechanism for cleaning up outdated Backupset Index files (ref: T-35475)
  • Better handling the checking incomplete metafolder during Data Integrity Check & Periodic Data Integrity Check (ref: T-37191)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Update default Deduplication Block Size to 128KB-512KB for non-VM Backupset types (ref: T-36081)
  • Support for Restore Drill (ref: T-29093)
  • Enhanced Bandwidth control to limit the max traffic rate over the effective period (ref: T-36745)

Operating Systems

  • Support for Ubuntu 22 (ref: T-37208)
  • Support for Ubuntu 23 (ref: T-37571)
  • Support for Debian 12 (ref: T-37577)


  • Restore Performance Tuning (ref: T-34267)
  • Enhanced Data Integrity Check to run on Separate Process (ref: T-33462)


  • Support for Immutable Backup (ref: T-30667)
  • Bundled Tomcat 8.5.87 (ref: T-36734)

User Experiences

  • Allow copy/paste in the 6-digit column blocks for 2FA (ref: T-33529)

Bug Fix

Backup Destination

  • Backup gets “Failed to transfer file” in Backblaze destination (ref: T-36671)
  • Backup getting “Error closing message content input stream” in S3 compatible destination (ref: T-36716)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Correct prompt message for Hyper-V module “No space in between the words “run” and “Microsoft”” (ref: T-37397)
  • Backup takes a very long time (~1-2 days) on deleting temporary files (ref: T-36288)
  • Recycle bin pop-up will appear again even after recycle bin has already been disabled (ref: T-36812)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Hyper-V

  • Backup gets error “java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-36970)
  • Log message should throw error instead of hide for “Cannot list VM. Reason=Cannot list host” (ref: T-37165)
  • Restored VHD file cannot be mounted on Windows, booting the disk loads repair screen (ref: T-37285)
  • Restore job stuck and logs keep on showing “Heap size” and “Physical memory” messages (ref: T-36980)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365

  • Restore gets error “Reason = ”[ListRestoreTask.doRestore] Fail to deserialize List meta“” (ref: T-37312)
  • Backup gets error “Fail to work on tblListItem, Reason=[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table: sqlite_sequence)” (ref: T-37140)
  • Restore shows completed successful but no files restored (ref: T-37166)
  • Backup gets error “Fail to process %Site% … Reason=org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_TOOBIG] String or BLOB exceeds size limit (ref: T-37210)
  • Restore gets warning “Fail to create Document” during restore of Sharepoint to alternate site (ref: T-36407)
  • Backup gets error “Failed to get backupCmd 'Office 365/Public Folders'” (erf: T-37322)
  • Backup gets error “Err=org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_CANTOPEN] Unable to open the database file (unable to open database file)” (ref: T-36264)
  • Sharepoint Restore list is empty after upgrading from v8 (ref: T-36659)
  • Backup gets error ”[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle selected source, sPath=Office 365/Chats. Reason=null“ (ref: T-36762)
  • Backup gets error ”[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle same file, sPath=… Reason='404 page not found“ (ref: T-36764)
  • Backup gets error ”[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle same file…Failed to find start part“ (ref: T-37038)
  • OneDrive Restore gets error ”[StackOverflowError] null“ (ref: T-37176)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Windows System / System State

  • Windows System backup does not trigger WBADMIN (ref: T-36754)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMWare

  • Application crashed during Backup (ref: T-37286)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Others

  • MySQL Backup getting “unknown variable 'set-gtid-purged=OFF'” error (ref: T-36562)
  • MySQL Restore using getting “Not in GZIP format” error (ref: T-36694)

CloudFile & File Backup/Restore

  • CloudFile Backup cannot complete and gets stuck on the first backup (ref: T-36339)
  • Google Cloud Storage CloudFile Backup gets error “ Failed to access destination “GoogleCloudStorage-1”” (ref: T-36627)
  • File Restore gets error “Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud…Please run backup/DIC before this operation…” (ref: T-36638)
  • CDP Backup gets error ”[SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_UNIQUE] A UNIQUE constraint failed“ (ref: T-36816)
  • Unable to enable OpenDirect on Windows 10 22H2 OS (ref: T-36832)
  • Restoring to another machine is getting an error “Data of file %path% is corrupted” (ref: T-37515)


  • Backup gets error “Failed to check integrity of destination ”” Error: unsupported method“ (ref: T-36574, T-36571)
  • Data Integrity Check and Backup getting “javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: pad block corrupted” error (ref: T-36793)
  • Backup gets error “NotInGZipFormat” (ref: T-36969)
  • Failed to complete Data Integrity Check with Rebuild Index option enabled (ref: T-37125)
  • Data Integrity Check do not delete corrupted blocks in cloud storage destination (ref: T-36563)
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