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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v2.7.0.0 (26-Apr-2017)

Known Issues

  • Due to bug in v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0, update from v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0 to v2.7.0.0 via Software Update is not supported. Users are required to download installer to upgrade to v2.7.0.0.
  • CloudBacko Pro is not able to backup SQL database with special character for MS SQL Backup Set in ODBC mode.
  • For performing RunDirect Restore on Hyper-V Standalone Server, users are required to manually install the RunDirect driver first. This does not apply to Hyper-V Server bundled with Windows.
  • Due to the limitation of Windows OneDrive free account, backup and restore to Windows OneDrive may take longer time
  • Unable to perform software update on Mac OS X

Enhancements and bug fixes

Application specific backup

  • Enhancement - Optimize the performance in listing folders in Office 365 Exchange Online (ref: T-16154)
  • Enhancement - Enhance the speed of logging in and listing user mailboxes in Office 365 Exchange Online (ref: T-16407)
  • Enhancement - Support ESXi v6 Update 2 without handshake problem (ref: T-13633)
  • Enhancement - Support VMware vCenter Server / ESXi 6.5 (ref: T-15609)
  • Enhancement - Support backup of VM on Windows 2016 with Hyper-V (ref: T-13162)
  • Enhancement - Support restoring Hyper-V VMs to another Hyper-V server or Hyper-V Cluster environment (ref: T-16061)
  • Enhancement - Support backup of VM with Hyper-V Server 2016 Failover cluster (VHD Set .VHDS) (ref: T-16140)
  • Enhancement - Support restoring VM to raw files in VMDK format (ref: T-16627)
  • Enhancement - Add an option to allow using osql for MSSQL backup (ref: T-14006)
  • Bug fix - Error with Office365 backup if the name of backup source that contain the character “\” (ref: T-15800)
  • Bug fix - Office365 backup is very slow (ref: T-16401)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL backup cannot be completed after running post-command periodically (ref: T-16395)
  • Bug fix - Cannot restore Hyper-V guest to another Windows Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1 host (ref: T-14379)
  • Bug fix - In-File delta VMware backup to RunDirect DISABLED destinations, “IOException” error shown in backup log (ref: T-15179)
  • Bug fix - Office 365 backup large mailbox failed with “[OutOfMemoryError] GC overhead limit exceeded” (ref: T-16363)
  • Bug fix - Exchange 2007 mail-level backupset could not show the mailboxes in the backup source (ref: T-16903)
  • Bug fix - MySQL backupset error mysqldump: unknown option '–events' on Linux after upgrade (ref: T-16872)
  • Bug fix - Crashed with “Java(TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working” during VMware backup (ref: T-16084)
  • Bug fix - Exchange backup fails with Error=“[d] [ChunkedOutputStream.FlushData.execute] Failed to flush buffer (ref: T-16489)

Backup Destination

  • Enhancement - Update Aliyun Bucket Regions (ref: T-16725)
  • Zhangjiakou [oss-cn-zhangjiakou]
  • US Virginia [oss-us-east-1]
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney) [oss-ap-southeast-2]
  • Asia Pacific (Japan) [oss-ap-northeast-1]
  • EU (Frankfurt) [oss-eu-central-1]
  • Middle East (Dubai) [oss-me-east-1]
  • Bug fix - CBK 2500 backup with “Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud.” error after upgrading from 2300 (ref: T-16869)


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category


  • Enhancement - Avoid breaking the apt-get upgrade process of Linux when installing (ref: T-16673)
  • Bug fix - Missing icon in launchpad when all CBP, CBL and/or CBH are installed on OS X (ref: T-15002)

File backup

  • Enhancement - Allow Unix/Linux device nodes to be backed up and restored properly (ref: T-3069)
  • Enhancement - Supports backup of a mount point file (ref: T-14202)
  • Enhancement - Catch Java exceptions when running with a non-supported / non-existent backup set (ref: T-2904)
  • Enhancement - Add an option “bUploadFullIfGenDeltaFailed” to In-file Delta settings in user profile (ref: T-16912)
  • Bug fix - Hangs at the stage “Saving encrypted backup file index to …/blocks at destination” when backing up to FTP (ref: T-16311)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Enhancement - Support Italian (ref: T-16677)
  • Bug fix - Missing prompt for taking ownership of backup set when switching schedule backup (ref: T-15045)
  • Bug fix - DIC logs “null null null” error with current index is removed and last backup job index is empty (ref: T-16272)
  • Bug fix - Run DIC on local dest backup set with empty current index and temp index deleted will fail to delete old set of index files (ref: T-16300)
  • Bug fix - Wrong spelling for error message of Windows System Backup backup set (ref: T-16615)
  • Bug fix - “Encryption Key Reminder” is shown after the Windows Auth page when Schedule is ENABLED for Wins Junction Points backup set (ref: T-16767)
  • Bug fix - Title of [Settings] missing on CBK GUI in Catalan (ca) language (ref: T-16472)

License / Billing module

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Operating Systems

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Reporting / Email report

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Restore / Decrypt

  • Bug fix - Decrypt Files Wizard got errors on decrypting the data (ref: T-16576)
  • Bug fix - Restore vCenter-v6 Datastore/Hosts and Clusters to Original location is failed when the default Alarm in vCenter is long in length (ref: T-14601)
  • Bug fix - VMware RunDirect Restore successfully but the restored VM is corrupted and not usable (ref: T-16332)
  • Bug fix - restore.bat prompts for overwriting exiting file even with SET REPLACE_EXISTING_FILE=”–all“ (ref: T-16420)

Software Update

  • Bug fix - When clicked “Check Update” button in Software Update, it shows “server is down for maintenance” (ref: T-16296)

System maintenance

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

User experiences

  • Bug fix - Uninstallation on Hyper-V Core machine has “The program can't start because MAPI32.dll is missing from your computer” error prompted (ref: T-14635)
  • Bug fix - Takes a long verifying time to load Office 365 backup settings (ref: T-16262)
  • Bug fix - Amazon S3 Keys being Displayed on the error message (ref: T-16518)
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