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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v4.5.4.13 Release Notes (11-Aug-2021)

This release contains the major features listed below:


Cloudbacko App (Mobile)

  • [2FA] Enhanced Recovery Logic for 2FA (ref: T-31100)
  • [2FA] Feature to Re-pair 2FA device (ref: T-30922)
  • [2FA] Skip Device Selection Page when login with 2FA device (ref: T-30924)
  • [2FA] Added Device pairing screens for cross device migration and restore (ref: T-30517)
  • Updated web socket logic and removed unnecessary runtime dependency (ref: T-31258)
  • Add prerequisites in App Download and Device Pairing page (ref: T-31224)
  • Add Windows firewall rule during App-Installation (ref: T-31119)
  • Add Mac firewall rule during App-Installation (ref: T-31071)
  • Support browse backup data via file explorer (ref: T-30783)
  • Enhance to organize log files under mbs folder in zip file (7 days log) (ref: T-28771)
  • Revamped Mobile Feature Setup flow (ref: T-30784)

File Backup

  • Support File Backup with Shortcut Path even if the Windows Authentication Credential is changed (ref: T-30787)
  • Better handling when backing up Broken Symbolic Link (ref: DHY-356-20972, KCC-895-78564, T-31106)
  • Enhanced ⇐32MB Block File upload logic for AWS S3 Compatible Storage (ref:T-31578)

Bug Fix

Cloudbacko App (Mobile)

  • Backup / recovery of 2FA Account List shown in Mobile APP > 2FA tab (ref: T-30711)
  • Missing “Enter Recovery phone number” button upon pairing of CloudBacko App to Desktop App (ref: T-31353)
  • When register 2FA, gets error “org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.api.UpgradeException: 404 null (ref: T-31417)
  • Failed to add mobile device for mobile backup and deleted paired up mobile device after upgrade Desktop App on macOS (ref: T-31643)
  • Mobile App cannot link to Desktop App after “Software Update” as customized port is reset to 50000 (ref: T-31412)

Application Specific backup - Cloud File

  • CloudFile Backup gets error “Failed to login to S3Compatible … caused by” upon creating CTYun backupset (ref: T-30992)

Application specific backup - MS Exchange (Mail-Level)

  • Exchange Mail-Level DAG Backup encounters “No buffer space available (maximum connections reached)” (ref: XQJ-567-50283, T-31338)
  • Exchange Mail-Level Backup gets error “ParseError at [row,col]:[13379,54] Message: Underlying input stream returned zero bytes” error (ref: XQJ-567-50283, T-31500)
  • Exchange Mail-Level Backup gets error “exception: ParseError at [row,col]:[1,1]\nMessage: Prematuend of file (ref: DQX-601-36017, T-31366)

Application specific backup - Office365

  • Office365 Backup gets error ”[CloudFileSystem.createFile] Parent directory %File_Path% does not exist (ref: PGO-837-92811, T-31316)
  • Office365 Backup slow and get error “Fail to process… at [row,col]:[xx,yy] Message: Connection reset” (ref: TNQ-909-48924, XUR-806-20086, T-31493)
  • Office365 Backup gets error “Fail to process '… Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.” (ref: VVX-418-67002, T-31457)
  • Office365 Backup gets error “ExportItems has error on the writing thread. Message='Connection reset' After 5 retries”. (ref: IQL-440-79715, T-31365)
  • Office365 Backup job stuck for hours after log entry “All selected pending task done - $Path” (ref: CUS-872-42392, KWS-826-90410, UQL-736-98569, WBI-167-69451, YLM-303-27842, T-31426)
  • Cannot backup from a user's Exchange Online, shows “does not exist” warning (ref: OGU-261-76393, T-31588)
  • Office365 Backup gets error “Fail to process '… ParseError at [row,col]:[145,8400] Message: Character reference ”&#” (ref: DAM-998-75366, KOB-518-83399, ONZ-956-55823, QTL-696-16254, SSQ-522-73585, VDJ-718-10630, VZG-390-59608, T-31291)
  • Office365 Backup gets error “[SQLITE_CANTOPEN] Unable to open the database file (unable to open database file)” (ref: LTW-739-13683, T-31178)
  • Office365 Backup gets error “Cannot write the value 'null' in raw format.” (ref: VUS-448-49576, T-31182)
  • Office365 Backup Set creation gets stuck at testing stage (ref: EMJ-175-57975, T-31150)
  • Outlook backup with Exchange Online Plan 1 fail due to SharePoint inaccessible (ref: BSH-262-31827, PBU-748-11438, T-30912)

File backup

  • File Backup to AWS S3 Compatible storage gets error “[S3CompatibleService.methodExecuteConsumeEntity] Retry after 60 seconds” (ref: T-31619)
  • When CBP on Linux completed listing file and file removed before CBP attempts to backup the file, warn “path … does not exist” logged (ref: T-26451)
  • Backup from network drive with ~240k files & directories requires ~1-2 days to scan the source (ref: NVB-849-64217, T-31153)
  • File backup gets error “Failed to list “\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1255…” error (ref: BCP-184-66719, FYW-237-63792, KBG-623-44888, RLE-863-59513, UCA-756-15014, UMB-877-70764, YFQ-715-32072, T-31502)
  • Application crash when listing folders/files with Path Length > 260 characters (ref: JJJ-144-96660, WDD-739-16879, T-31637)

Restore / Decrypt

  • File restore has some files/folders missing though restore job reported success (ref: VJC-879-82108, T-31629)
  • Data Decrypt gets error ”[ABlock.parse] Cannot parse file, …CloudSetTree.bdb … has been closed already“ (ref: WSI-302-40498, ZRN-590-30318, T-31261)
  • Application not responsive from mounted virtual disk during Hyper-V Granular Restore (ref: IUD-947-71359, T-31252)
  • Restore Dialogue is empty from mounted disk during Hyper-V Granular Restore (ref: MYH-375-37158, T-31322)
  • Exchange Mail-Level Restore gets error ”[SecurityException] [createDir] (3) The system cannot find the path specified“ (ref: OFO-107-80264, T-31598)


  • Correct the word 'obsolete' in Space Freeing Up for Danish translation (ref: UQG-788-95956, T-31241)
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