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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

1. We have recently identified and confirmed a critical bug found in CloudBacko Pro / Lite / Home (v5.1.4.0 to v5.1.4.21) that affects all types of Backup Sets. Refer to Upgrade Advisory #34490 for more information.

v5.3.2.0 Release Notes (11-Jul-2022)

This release contains the major features listed below:


Application specific Backup - Microsoft365

  • Support Backup & Restore of MS Teams (ref: T-31469)
  • Support M365 Mail Restore as PST File (ref: T-30045)
  • Support M365 Restore to alternate Site Collections (ref: T-33244)
  • M365 remove support of Basic Authentication (ref: T-33768)
  • UI Revamp of M365 Modules (ref: T-28943)

Application Specific Backup - VMWare

  • Support of VMware Workstation v16.2.0 (ref: T-33741)

Application Specific Backup - Others

  • Support of MariaDB 10.8 (ref: T-33967)

Backup Destination

  • Support of Wasabi EU Central 2 (Frankfurt) (ref: T-34492)
  • Support of Wasabi AP Southeast 1 (Singapore (ref: T-34569)
  • Support of Wasabi CA Central 1 (Toronto) (ref: T-34569)
  • Support of Wasabi AP Southeast 2 (Sydney) (ref: T-34431)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Prompt user to correct inaccessible Temporary Directory when creating backup set (ref: T-31554)
  • Align GUI wording “Migrate Data” with “Migrate Delta” on Backup Logs (ref: T-34534)


  • Enhanced Index Files Handling for Multiple Host (Cluster / DAG) Backupsets (ref: T-34293)

Bug Fix

File Backup

  • File Backup gets error “timeout happen when operate delta unit” (ref: T-34239)
  • File Backup encountered error “Error=java.lang.StackOverflowError at” (ref: T-34405)
  • File Backup stuck when shrinking shared block (ref: T-34547)
  • File Backup gets error “Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=null and backup keeps failing” (ref: T-34654)

Backup Destination

  • System State Backup to Backblaze gets error “[BackblazeManager.delete] <B2Exception 400 file_not_present: File not present:…>” (ref: T-34542)

Application specific Backup - Microsoft365

  • M365 Backup encounters “Abort due to constraint violation (FOREIGN KEY constraint failed)” index error (ref: T-34672)
  • M365 Backup gets error “[GraphService.getTenantInfoViaSharePoint] Failed. Give up retry, retried 33 time(s)” (ref: T-34510)
  • Raw file of OneDrive does not update after being replaced by another file with the same name in Backup Source (ref: T-34541)
  • Restore destination selection shows error “Web authorization did not started yet. Please call “getAuthUrl()” again.” (ref: T-34159)
  • File/Folder-list in Restore screen does not align with the way showing on the Advanced Backup Source (ref: T-34277)

Application specific backup - MS Exchange Mail

  • Exchange Mail-Level Restore gets error “FastPipedOutputStream has been closed by the reading thread” (ref: T-34556)
  • Exchange Mail-Level Backup gets error “Failed to connect to Exchange Management Shell” on non-PDIC Backup jobs (ref: T-34711)
  • Exchange Mail-Level Backup gets error “ Path ”%Path%“ cannot be added to subindex. Current=“xxx”, Expected=“yyy” (ref: T-34716)

Application specific backup - MSSQL

  • Restored Databases cannot be attached to MSSQL Server (ref: T-34490)
  • MSSQL Restore gets error “Network Problem: will retry in yyy second(s) (Failed to getInputStream of file: xxx.bak, HTTP Code: 404 [NoSuchKey], …” (ref: T-34572)
  • MSSQL Restore failed due to ” [erro] Skip delete unmatched data because failed to update the selected file result.“ (ref: T-34141)

Applicaction specific backup - MySQL

  • MySQL Restore gets error “ERROR at line 1: Unknown command '\U'” (ref: T-34307)

Application Specific Backup - Hyper-V

  • Hyper-V Backup gets error “java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:” (ref: T-33990)
  • Hyper-V Restored VM corrupted, entered Auto Repair on boot (ref: T-34338)
  • Granular Restore of Hyper-V Cluster gets error ”[BackupSetIndexDB.getFileChunks]…stack:java.sql.SQLException: Cannot get file ID“ (ref: T-34602)
  • Hyper-V Backup gets error “ Error The system cannot find the file specified” (ref: T-34372)
  • Hyper-V Backup gets error “Exception in 2/files/upload: \”other\” with Dropbox destination“ (ref: T-34336)
  • Hyper-V Backup to S3 Compatible Storage fails with error “Bucket 'backup' exists already' (ref: T-34403)
  • Hyper-V 2019 Cluster Backup gets error “java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-34461, T-34619)
  • Hyper-V Backup gets error “java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-34487, T-34586)
  • Hyper-V Cluster Backup gets error ”[Attribute Changed File]…Error=”[h] [CloudBasic.updateHeader] Backup file not found“ (ref: T-34228)
  • Hyper-V Backup gets error “java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:” (ref: T-33990)
  • Hyper-V Backup getting “Failed to process CBT/RCT, C:\PData\CBTFilter\CBTDisk\… (The system cannot find the file specified)” (ref: T-34630)
  • Deduplication statistics is incorrect for Hyper-V Backup sets (ref: T-34652)

Application Specific Backup - VMWare

  • Not all files are restored when restoring VMware Backup with two VMs using “Restore raw file” (ref: T-34200)


  • CloudBacko Pro does not retrieve latest index file from backup destination before performing operations (Backup/Data Integrity Check) (ref: T-34603)

Restore / Decrypt

  • File Restore with Restore script cannot restore from single files (ref: T-34561)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Backup does not upload full file for updated data when Deduplication is disabled (ref: T-34558)

System Maintenance

  • Application GUI cannot be started by SystemTray.exe via Tray icon or Shortcut on 32-bit Windows (ref: T-34683)
  • SystemTray64.exe occasionally crash when “Tolerance” Backup Reminder is enabled (ref: T-34730)
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