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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v2.7.0.2 (28-Jun-2017)

Known Issues

  • Due to bug in v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0, update from v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0 to v2.7.0.2 via Software Update is not supported. Users are required to download installer to upgrade to v2.7.0.2.
  • CloudBacko Pro is not able to backup SQL database with special character for MS SQL Backup Set in ODBC mode.
  • For performing RunDirect Restore on Hyper-V Standalone Server, users are required to manually install the RunDirect driver first. This does not apply to Hyper-V Server bundled with Windows.
  • Due to the limitation of Windows OneDrive free account, backup and restore to Windows OneDrive may take longer time
  • Unable to perform software update on Mac OS X

Enhancements and bug fixes

Application specific backup

  • Bug fix - vCenter backup fails with error “Reason = “Spooling file failed. ”…” (Cannot remotely copy file from hypervisor (code 9205)).“ (ref: T-17401)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL backup [erro] [-] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'xxx\Administrator'. (ref: T-17721)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL Backup Error “Required File “xxxx.mdf” for database is missing (ref: T-17746)
  • Bug fix - Cannot delete MSSQL backup set with version not match error (ref: T-17098)

Backup Destination

  • Enhancement - Support Dropbox API v2 (ref: T-17793)
  • Bug fix - backup set index files are uploaded to cloud storage drive on Desination Pool even though the particular drive is full (ref: T-17526)


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

File backup

  • Bug fix - Linux file backupset [New File]… Error=”[c] [CloudFileSystem.createFile] File 'xxx' exists already as 'xxx' (ref: T-17283)
  • Bug fix - Every new backupset on Linux GUI gets [New File] File=“xx” Error=”[n] [CloudFileSystem.createFile] Parent directory 'yyy' on first job (ref: T-17374)
  • Bug fix - Backup with error “Failed to delete…because it is not empty. One of the existing files is….” (ref: T-17428,T-17431)
  • Bug fix - Backup to DropBox fails with {“error”: “Failed to grab locks for xxx: lock held by connection xx. Please re-issue the request.”} (ref: T-17616)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Bug fix - Social media button can be accessed by pressing “Tab” key (ref: T-17893)
  • Bug fix - Backup fails with “Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=[] Failed to list…” (ref: T-17763)

License / Billing module

  • Bug fix - Trial user fails to register license through proxy (ref: T-17733)

Operating Systems

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Reporting / Email report

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Restore / Decrypt

  • Bug fix - Restore gives “[BackupSetIndex.getFirstBackupFile]” after selected snapshot before a certain date (ref: T-16902)
  • Bug fix - Unable restore MSSQL raw file with version not match error (ref: T-17111)
  • Bug fix - Duplicate folder shown when choose earlier snapshot/choose from all files in restore interface (ref: T-17377)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V 2012 Restore failed and the VM could not be booted into Windows (ref: T-17482)
  • Bug fix - Fails to perform Hyper-V RunDirect Restore VMs on Hyper-V 2012R2 (ref: T-17670)
  • Bug fix - Mac OSX file restore gives “[erro] [FileNotFoundException] File not Found No such file or directory, (ErrorCode:9002)” (ref: T-17688)

Software Update

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

System maintenance

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

User experiences

  • Bug fix - Incorrect French translation (ref: T-17889)
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