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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v5.1.0.0 Release Notes (29-Dec-2021)

This release contains the major features listed below:


Key Enhancements

  • In-File Delta v3 - Restore Performance Tuning (ref: T-29507)
  • File Listing Performance Tuning (ref: T-29553)
  • Support of Backup Data Deduplication (ref: T-30679)

Application specific Backup - Cloud File

  • Support files with duplicated name on Google Drive & Google Cloud Storage (ref: T-24981, T-25874)

Application specific Backup - MS Exchange (Mail-Level)

  • Support Restore Deleted Public Folders in ECP to original or alternate organization (ref: T-22827)
  • Update to show accurate item info in the overwrite prompt when restoring Exchange 2016 Mail items (ref: T-19447)

Application specific Backup - Microsoft SQL

  • Enhanced Differential Backup for VSS Mode (ref: T-31135)
  • Enhanced Restore from Backup for VSS Mode (ref: T-31136)

Application specific Backup - Hyper-V

  • Hyper-V Application Aware Backup (ref: T-30253)
  • Hyper-V Backup Logic Revamp (ref: T-30088)
  • Hyper-V Backup File Size Reduction
  • Hyper-V Run-Direct Performance Tuning (ref: T-30582)
  • Enhance VSS Backup and Restore for Hyper-V 2016 (ref: T-28997)

Application specific Backup - Office365

  • Change Office365 “Term Store Admin” related log message from hide to warn (ref: ELB-667-16980, QHR-979-69511, T-28405)
  • Support Restore Deleted Public Folders in ECP to original or alternate organization (ref: T-22827)
  • Provide informative error message in restore log when user is deleted or not existing in Office365 (ref: T-22828)
  • Enhance warning message when attempt to restore Personal Sites with “Allow custom scripts” disabled (ref: T-23593)
  • Support to list and backup files in same directory when large file with more than 1 version exists (ref: T-26027)
  • Fix to restore file under OneDrive when OneDrive folder is selected in Office365 Backup sets (ref: T-32363)
  • Option to exclude unlicensed Office365 accounts when creating backup sets using the default menu page (ref: T-27421)
  • Update to show accurate item info in the overwrite prompt when restoring Office365 Mail items (ref: T-19447)
  • Office365 Exchange mail marked as junk should trigger a Move operation instead of re-upload as New Mail (ref: T-19877)
  • Flag / Clear flag mail in Office 365 Exchange should not lead to re-upload (ref: T-19878)
  • Forward mail in Office365 should not lead to re-upload (ref: T-19879)

Application specific Backup - VMWare

  • VMWare Application Aware Backup (ref: T-32281)
  • VMWare Backup File Size Reduction (ref: T-29741)
  • VMWare Backup & Restore Performance Tuning (ref: T-30113)
  • VMWare VDDK v7.0.2 update (ref: T-30903)
  • Remove support of non-VDDK backup (ref: T-31480)

File Backup

  • Enhanced handling of move/update permission for File backup (ref: T-32373)

Backup Destination

  • Support of OpenStack Wallaby (ref: T-30758)
  • Accept bucket name with dot (“.”) in AWS S3 destination (ref: T-31700)
  • Added new Aliyun Region - oss-cn-wulanchabu (ref: T-27745)
  • Added new Aliyun Region - oss-cn-guangzhou(ref: T-29529)
  • Added new Wasabi Region - US Central 1 (Texas)(ref: T-29060)
  • Added new Wasabi EU West 1 (London), AP Northeast 1 (Tokyo), AP Northeast 2 (Osaka) (ref: BDG-857-47346, T-32745)

Restore / Decrypt

  • Added “Make a copy” option for File Backupsets for overwrite file(s) in Restore (ref: T-31794)
  • Enhanced Error handling for Restore (ref: T-29664)
  • Enhanced Retry Logic for Restore (ref: T-31792)
  • Enhanced File Listing Logic for Restore (ref: T-32368)
  • Enhanced handling backupset shows backup date out of the retention period on the Restore Screen and no data can be restored from the date (ref: IMI-780-22053, KLO-837-45913, OUJ-189-23033, UED-258-37258, T-15668)
  • Performance Tuning for Merging Delta Files (ref: T-27123)
  • Support Backup source path contains . or .. in Windows Environment (ref: T-30588)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Enhanced handling to Shrink Data block files (ref: AHK-239-77269, BXK-760-99444, EHQ-112-58844, LKO-413-79371, VTB-189-46125, YYP-886-83124, T-31408)
  • Enhanced Index handling Logic for Backup (ref: T-25664)
  • Enhanced Error handling for Backup (ref: T-29834)
  • Enhanced Retry Logic for Backup (ref: T-25774)
  • Enhanced Performance - Space Freeing up (ref: T-30795)
  • Support of Delta File Streaming to Destination (ref: T-29973)
  • Support to enlarge the BAK file size from 32MB to 64MB (ref: T-31192)
  • Support Login with 2FA for LinuxCLI & FreeBSD (CLI) (ref: CGT-434-10972, T-30300)


  • Added option to compress client Backup Log files (ref: QVY-730-98117, RJY-493-34942, XGF-688-59682, T-19770)

User Experiences

  • Reorder the Country List in 2FA setup wizard (ref: XNI-311-98697, T-29411)

Bug Fix

File Backup

  • File backup gets error “[ERROR] Invalid Volume ”%“: \ (volume shadow copy is assumed)” when Google Drive application is running. (ref: IVQ-340-49247, T-32657)
  • Application crashes when running file backup (Problematic frame: # C [KERNELBASE.dll+0x34f99]) (ref: AKL-868-35181, AVK-929-45953, T-32265)

Application specific Backup - Cloud File

  • Correct “Can Edit” to “Can View” File Status after restored files from OneDrive for Business to Original location (ref: T-31222)
  • When backup Files and folder with '\' in the filename, “Failed to getInputStream of file” error is hit (ref: T-30105)
  • When backing up files/folders with special characters in Google Cloud Storage Backup sets, RuntimeException error is returned (ref: T-24643)
  • Failed to backup special characters for MS Azure Cloud File Backup sets with InputStream error (ref: T-26264)

Application specific Backup - MS Exchange (Mail-Level)

  • Unable to backup the folder permission for Exchange 2016 Mail level Backup sets (ref: T-19296)
  • Outdated sub-index files retained in backup destination (ref: PCG-655-64690, T-32557)

Application specific Backup - Office365

  • Office365 SharePoint “Data Syncronization Check” backup stuck after running for 1.5 hours (ref: TWZ-844-15239, T-32492)
  • When performing Office365 restore using first backup job, Delta of second backup job is also downloaded (ref: T-29165)
  • Incorrect Statistics warning appears when the user runs a DIC job for Office365 Backup sets (ref: T-29225)
  • Additional mail uploaded when user select only one mail (ref: T-29403)
  • Multiple warning log “423 Locked”, “404 Not Found” during restore for document library with Require Check Out setting (ref: T-29609)
  • When selected Site Collections or Public Folders shortcut with their nodes deselected, child items are always selected (ref: T-24073)
  • Failed to list/backup Office365 mail items under folder with Unicode 005C \ in item name (ref: T-16250)
  • After directory deleted in backup job, restore explorer still show the deleted directory as an empty folder (ref: T-27607)

Reporting / Email report

  • Progress of New, update, delete files are logged only in client logs but not to PDF report (ref: VMT-626-70297, T-28848)
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