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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v5.5.0.0 Release Notes (15-Nov-2022)

This release contains the major features listed below:


Application specific Backup - Microsoft365

  • Improve usability of Team Chats backup and restore in “This Microsoft user only” backup scope (ref: T-34663)
  • Support of M365 China region (ref: T-34525)
  • Backup Source Deselect filter for M365 (ref: T-35127)

Application specific backup - MSSQL

  • Support of Auto-Truncate transaction log on Full Backup (ref: T-35751)

Application specific backup - Hyper-V

  • Performance Tuning for Hyper-V Backup (ref: T-22826)
  • Storage Utilization for Hyper-V Backup (ref: T-33049)

Application specific backup - VMWare

  • Storage Utilization for VMWare Backup (ref: T-32291)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Support Recycle-bin for Block File Protection (ref: T-34070)
  • Remove logout reminder on Windows 8 or above (ref: T-35452)
  • Option to disable checkbox “Migrate Data” setting in manual backup (ref: T-35021)
  • Prioritise Full Backup Schedule if multiple schedules start at the same time (ref: T-35183)
  • Fine-tuning default block size for deduplication (ref: T-35095)
  • Fine-tuning “Shrink block” for Storage Utilization (ref: T-34197)

Backup Destination

  • Support of OpenStack Yoga (Release Date: 2022-03-30) (ref: T-34774)
  • Support of OpenStack Xena (Release Date: 2021-10-06) (ref: T-33968)
  • Support of OneDrive for Business China region (ref: T-34578)

Restore / Decrypt

  • Better presentation of Restore Snapshot when out of retention period (ref: T-35123)

System maintenance

  • Change the process name from “java” to %APP_HOME% executable for schedule backup process in macOS (ref: T-34895)
  • Enhanced Memory Control for PDIC & DIC (ref: T-35249)

Users Experience

  • Fully utilize UI space in Restore Screen (ref: T-35085)

Bug Fix

File backup

  • File Backup gets “[NixUtil.c][write] No space left on device” error (ref: T-35414)

Application specific backup - CloudFile

  • AmazonS3 Backup gets “Access denied, HTTP Code: 403 [SignatureDoesNotMatch], The request signature we calculated does not match…” (ref: T-34505)

Application specific Backup - Microsoft365

  • M365 Backup gets warn “[BackupOffice365Cmd.reviseSelectedSrc] No selected source found after revised!” and backup data were being deleted (ref: T-34850)
  • M365 Backup encountered “Error=[FileAttributeIterator.reiterate] Failed to list sPath=''. Reason='Error opening connection'” (ref: T-34867)
  • M365 Outlook Backup encounters “Failed to resolve backup source shortcut paths…ListAllSitesStatus=ALLOW but fail to list sites” (ref: T-34942)
  • User is able to perform multiple M365 backups at a time when clicking “Backup now” button multiple times (ref: T-34810)
  • M365 Backup error “Failed to handle new/same file, Failed to list path: …Teams Chat. … [GraphService._listChats] req app permission auth” (ref: T-35116)
  • M365 Outlook Restore requires Personal Site/OneDrive setup (ref: T-35358)
  • M365 Backup gets 401 Unauthorized: {“errorCode”:911,“message”:“Request returned invalid status response, status='Unauthorized'.”} error (ref: T-35360)
  • M365 Backup gets “Failed to handle same file … Failed to list private channels. for group 'xxx' Reason=Error authenticating with resource” (ref: T-35385)
  • M365 Backup encountered error [OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle same file, sPath=%Path%. Reason=Access denied (ref: T-34885)
  • M365 gets error “Failed to login to cloud service with the credentials provided … Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation” (ref: T-35054)
  • M365 Backup gets error “Failed to handle same file %Outlook% Reason=User %UserAccount% has been deleted or does not exist” (ref: T-35264)
  • M365 Backup gets error “Failed to handle selected source, sPath=…/Outlook Reason=User %UserAccount% has been deleted or does not exist.” (ref: T-35292)
  • M365 Backupsets “Teams” section disappeared from backup source after Re-authorization (ref: T-35396)

Application specific backup - MS Exchange Mail

  • Exchange Mail Level Backup doesn't show quota usage in report (ref: T-34765)

Application specific backup - MSSQL

  • MSSQL Backup encountered error “[ListSQLSvr.SQLDriverConnectW] failed” when accessing the backup source GUI (ref: T-34904)
  • MSSQL Backup storage space not being saved efficiently by Deduplication (ref: T-34985)

Application Specific Backup - Hyper-V

  • Hyper-V Backup encountered error “ Failed to load BAT” (ref: T-34727)
  • Hyper-V Cluster Restore stuck on loading when performing Granular restore (ref: T-34749)
  • Hyper-V Cluster Backup encountered Error=“ Path ”%Path%“ cannot be added to subindex. Current=“xxx”, Expected=“yyy” (ref: T-34898)
  • Slow Restore performance on Hyper-V backupset (ref: T-34871)
  • Hyper-V Backup encountered “Failed to check VM Pass-Through disks. Error = The collection contains no objectsParameter name: collection” (ref: T-35212)
  • Hyper-V Backup getting “The system cannot find the file specified” on random avhdx files (ref: T-35262)
  • Hyper-V Backupsets cannot be restored due to missing data (ref: T-35327)

Application Specific Backup - VMWare

  • VMWare Backup encountered “Error=“ Fail to read VDDK meta data. Error=The specified key is not found in the disk database” (ref: T-34636)
  • VMWare Backup gets error “VM changed block tracking data for VDDK mode is corrupted … Reason = “Fail to query change info”” (ref: T-34754)
  • Incremental CBT Delta Chain corrupted without running backup (ref: T-35233)

Application specific backup - Others

  • Oracle DB Backup fails with error “ORA-00904 … invalid identifier” (ref: T-34805)
  • MySQL Backup mysqldump: Error 2020: Got packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes when dumping table at row (ref: T-35335)


  • Backup encountered error “index.db_%datetime%” does not exist on destination during merging & Error=[WriteFile] (112) There is not enough space (ref: T-35124)

Restore / Decrypt

  • Restore stops after getting error “Table 'TableFileInfo3' has been dropped already” (ref: T-34763)
  • MySQL Restore failed with Error “org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near “AND”: syntax error)” (ref: T-34821)
  • CloudBacko Does not restore .mdf files (raw file or alternate location) resulting in nothing being restored to MSSQL server (ref: T-35165)
  • CloudBacko MariaDB Restore failed with [] Path=%Path%\MariaDB\xxx.sql Error= null errors (ref: T-35311)

General / Miscellaneous

  • CloudBacko is getting delay at the end of the backup job (ref: T-35073)
  • French translation shows {0} instead of inserting the correct content in add network address (ref: T-34845)
  • Failed to launch CloudBacko French in macOS, gets “Please grant full disk access to %CBK% to avoid unexpected backup failure” (ref: T-35359)
  • In Ultilities > Delete Backup Data > Choose from ALL files, incorrect label for checkbox “Restore linked Data” (ref: T-35464)

Operating Systems

  • File Backup on macOS 12.4 failed to load files when running scheduled backup (ref: T-34854)
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