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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v4.1.0.3 (6-Apr-2020)


Newly Support

Backup Modules
  • File - Outlook 2019
  • Hyper-V - Hyper-V 2019
  • MS Exchange - Exchange Server 2019 (Server Level and Mail Level)
  • MS SQL - SQL Server 2019
  • MySQL - MySQL 8
  • Office 365 - SharePoint Online and OneDrive
  • VMware - VMware ESXi (RunDirect to different file system of datastore)
  • VMware - VMware Workstation 15 Pro / Player
  • VMware - VMware Fusion 11 Pro / Fusion 11
Operating Systems
  • CentOS 8
  • FreeBSD 11.3
  • FreeBSD 12
  • Mac OS X Mojave 10.14
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Ubuntu 19.04
  • Windows Server 2019

Backup modules

  • File - Support selecting UNC path as the backup source without prior mapping with drive letter
  • File - Enhance information in the delete message when running retention policy / space freeing up and remove files out of retention (ref: T-25192)
  • Hyper-V - Enhance to create minimal size delta file by using CBT for the Hyper-V VM (ref: T-23595)
  • Hyper-V - Better handling for the temp directory of CBT log file for Hyper-V backup set (ref: NZN-278-57875, T-21581)
  • Hyper-V - Support of Run-Direct restore multiple Hyper-V VMs to alternate location at the same time (ref: T-19618)
  • MS Exchange - Create a new mode [EWS] for supporting MS Exchange Mail-level 2013 (ref: BLH-776-17908, FJO-354-46796, VCZ-567-55795, YSW-574-43675, T-25284, T-25349)
  • MS SQL - Find if there is another value (e.g. LSN - Last sequence number) as indicator to check if full backup required for MSSQL (ref: T-22867))
  • Office 365 - Support Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 mailbox backup (ref: KXG-650-60164, QWP-215-85771, T-23446)
  • Office 365 - Support restore checked out/ checked in file to OneDrive and Document Library when require check out setting is enabled (ref: T-24396)
  • Office 365 - Support to create a site collection for Office 365 SharePoint Online (ref: T-24531)
  • Office 365 - Skip backup subsite which is restored from other backup software with invalid data (ref: T-23202)
  • Office 365 - Adjust number of thread for backing up mailboxes / site collections concurrently base on CPU and memory usage automatically for O365 backup (ref: AMY-979-31876, T-23411)
  • Office 365 - Allow admin backup all users' OneDrive data with one backup set (ref: NFR-203-34301, T-21777)
  • Office 365 - Search Filter for Office 365 Exchange mail restore (ref: NZN-278-57875, T-21249)
  • Office 365 - Support Office 365 backup set restore from organization to organization (i.e. another access info) (ref: ZQG-354-77072, T-16560)
  • VMware - Support of Run-Direct restore multiple VMware VMs to alternate location at the same time (ref: T-19618)
  • VMware - Support backup VM with unselected “Mapped Raw LUN” disk (ref: DRJ-704-98708, T-22501)
  • VMware - Add checking of VMware Tools version to 10.3.5 to avoid App crash with Java 1.8 (ref: T-23194)
  • VMware - Optimize the performance in listing backup source when ESXi / vCenter has large number of VMs (ref: UUC-383-19278, T-24339)

Backup Destination

  • Aliyun / Alibaba Cloud - Support Aliyun Bucket Region - London (oss-eu-west-1) (ref: T-23055)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive - Desupport Amazon Cloud Drive (ref: T-25052, T-24962)
  • Amazon S3 - Support Amazon S3 Region - Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local), EU (Stockholm) (ref: T-23315, T-23053)
  • BackBlaze - Support Backblaze B2 cloud storage (ref: AEA-600-60938, JTW-830-35386, MME-211-10211, ZIA-412-17637, T-15329)
  • Google Cloud - Support Google Cloud Storage regional location to specific location instead of using multi-regional type
  • Wasabi - Support Wasabi cloud storage (ref: T-24706)


  • Update EV cert of CloudBacko for signing drivers (ref: T-23191)

General / Miscellaneous

  • New index.db
  • New backup set index handling process
  • New Period Data Integrity Check feature
  • Enhance to run Periodic DIC for cleaning up block files without backup file referencing (ref: T-25440)
  • Data Integrity Check - will not prompt for confirmation if the number of deleted files are small
  • Cleanup unnecessary job block folders for ADVANCED retention policy (ref: T-23724)
  • Update CA cert for Comodo CA because it is renamed to Sectigo (ref: SRN-248-68924, DRS-453-42784, T-23105)
  • Upgrade bundled JVM to OpenJDK 8 (ref: T-20347)
  • New Compression Type “Optimal for Local” for low CPU usage

License / Billing module

  • No items in this category


  • No items in this category

Reporting / Email report

  • Not to show those obsolete retention policy log entries on the backup report (ref: ALO-141-51990, EXO-901-86833, IJI-295-21483, JUW-841-90334, KNH-301-11392, LZW-845-23463, NRK-425-89204, NVV-492-56763, TNR-925-84199, VIL-361-49573, WDS-128-57604, ZHO-875-43565, T-19145)

Restore / Decrypt

  • Performance tuning of delta merging speed during restoration (ref: T-19046)
  • Verify CRC for delta merge file after restore (ref: T-9774)

Software Update

  • No items in this category

System maintenance

  • Remove outdated index files to save disk space (ref: ITC-524-59602, YBL-652-52553, YNU-649-79505, T-21024)
  • Mark an indication to the destinations for the backup files (ref: T-22311)


  • Support of new languages: Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai

User experiences

  • Cleanup unnecessary job block folders if no actionable data remains in the blocks data folder (ref: COT-132-85200, GVV-913-67241, IKA-369-34782, JVH-645-79771, TOW-823-61625, YNU-649-79505, T-21145)
  • Add empty checking of host and password for VMware settings when creating backup set (ref: T-23730)
  • System Tray notification message for backup job status is not aligned with message on the UI or backup report (ref: T-24505)
  • Enhance the usability of backup set listing page with sorting (ref: T-24453)

Bug Fixes

Backup Modules

  • File - File backup with error “Failed to run space freeing up of destination” (ref: RHR-191-90022, T-25514)
  • File - File backup fail with error ”[ObsManager.delete] failed in delete file, path: “%Backup Set ID%\blocks\%Backup Data%,, http code: 412” (ref: AUM-505-48026, TGZ-950-63100, T-25219)
  • File - File Backup encounters ”[SQLITE_CONSTRAINT] Abort due to constraint violation UNIQUE constraint failed“ error (ref: PYG-415-74288, T-25410)
  • File - After hitting “Failed to Delete…because it is not empty” error when perform Delete Backup Data, process becomes stuck and cannot complete (ref: T-26104)
  • File - Fail to run backup for concurrent backup mode with “Error=[ConcurrentModificationException] null” (ref: WGZ-610-29277, T-25672)
  • File - When performing backup / applying filter on hard drive, “Backup source/Filter top directory…does not exist” warning is displayed (ref: T-25042)
  • File - File backup crashes and generates large size .mdmp files in the bin folder causing the system drive C: become out of space (ref: NRU-747-54701, T-24763)
  • File - When running retention policy, unnecessary job block folders with no bak files are not removed (ref: T-24845)
  • File - Mac backup Error=“ Cannot get extented attribute of path…Unknown Error(ErrorCode:1) at com.ahsay.ani.util.MacUtil… (ref: WHD-487-86585, T-24484)
  • File - Add a warning message if user tried to exit in DIC test mode result page (ref: ULC-850-96444, T-24262)
  • File - Backup job is completed successfully even the local predefined destination do not exist (ref: AQY-461-60457, T-22111)
  • File - Mac OS X File backup Throwable=[Bptree.KeyRangeIterator.hasNext] Error=[ABlock.parse] Cannot parse file error cannot be fixed by DIC (ref: URC-602-87364, T-23556)
  • File - Fail to run file backup with null error when new volumes are adding during backup (ref: GCG-360-90811, GRB-942-60540, T-23132)
  • File - Fail to backup file from google drive (ref: EZQ-443-72866, T-22615)
  • File - Backup failure when filename contain emoji on Mac OSX (ref: JQD-795-98471, T-22793)
  • File - Backup stuck when VSS shadows were not totally deleted before the backup started (ref: MKC-105-47301, T-21792)
  • File - File backup gets [CloudBasic.backupFile] Unexpected concurrent use of SharedBlockOutputStream detected …. errors (ref: JLZ-838-42312, T-22307)
  • File - When there is error occurred in a manual backup, the “Running” IPC file is not removed, causing backup jobs cannot started afterwards. (ref: T-22515)
  • File - “[IOException] The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices .. (Error code=1058)” is shown when performing file backup (ref: OYR-462-82900, T-22674)
  • File - After restoring folders with Unicode on OneDrive / OneDrive for Business Cloud File, the restored folder names become garbled text (ref: T-22701)
  • Hyper-V - Unexpected “Historical Backup Job” exception shown when next schedule job started before the job of the first destination completed (ref: OGF-452-64213, T-24889)
  • Hyper-V - Hyper-V backup gets warn Fail to load CBT, will perform normal in-file delta., Reason = “Index: 7261, Size: 7261” (ref: DRC-254-13217, T-24862)
  • Hyper-V - After removing the original VM from the Hyper-V Manager, restore completed with error [GetVirtualHardDiskSettingData] (ref: T-23836)
  • Hyper-V - When backup .vhdx files with Non-English characters (e.g Korean), backup error Reason = “Disk … does not exist” is logged (ref: T-23817)
  • Hyper-V - When restore VM with .iso attached, restore error “Reason = “Failed to import a virtual machine from a file….” is hit (ref: T-23820)
  • Hyper-V - When “Host Component” is selected and restore to original location, ”[NullPointerException] null“ error is logged (ref: T-23821)
  • Hyper-V - When run direct restore job failed with error, the next restore job will hit “Another job is still running. Restore stopped.” (ref: T-23822)
  • Hyper-V - Unable to create Hyper-V backup set with “Access is denied” error pop up (ref: T-24224)
  • Hyper-V - Hyper-V backup looking for manually merged avhdx file after applying hotfix and causing backup fail (ref: HUV-678-57944, T-23024)
  • Hyper-V - Hyper-V cluster backup gets “Integrity check has been interrupted” warnings (ref: SHD-951-16528, SIB-736-32971, T-22684)
  • Hyper-V - Fail to merge and remove the check point once the backup process is completed (Hyper-V Backup set) (ref: XZV-159-67204, T-22739)
  • “[RuntimeException] [OneDrive4BizManager.getAppName] Invalid sClientId ….” error is shwon when having scheduled backup to OneDriveForBusiness (ref: MXN-272-67900, T-22809)
  • Hyper-V - “Failed to enable RCT” warning is kept logged in the subsequent backup after deleted VM snapshot in CBK Hyper-V 2016 backup set (ref T-19566)
  • Hyper-V - Hyper-V 2008 R2 Cluster hit “Unable to generate delta using CBT….log files do not match the number of virtual machine's preferred owners.” (ref: T-20627)
  • Hyper-V - “Failed to verify CRC for BackupSet…” error is logged when running DIC of Hyper-V 2008 R2 Cluster Backup Set(ref: T-21676)
  • MS Exchange - Failed to check integrity of destination xxx. Error: ”[RuntimeException] [BackupFileIterator.Combined.hasNext] (ref: FWU-446-45662, JXP-532-88055, T-25668)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange Mail Level backup encounters various errors (ref: AQA-276-22915, UOZ-836-55488, T-25618)
  • MS Exchange - Fail to restore mail level backup with error “The system cannot find the path specified” (ref: BTV-588-29812, T-25773)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange Log backup always warning expected log sequence for a hexadecimal one, but found a decimal numbered one (ref: OWH-639-16795, T-25073)
  • MS Exchange - Unable to perform Exchange Log backup in Mounted Volume with “\\?\Volume{4b488f8b-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\ is not directory” error (ref: ZML-344-90349, T-23503)
  • MS Exchange - In Exchange DAG mail level backup sets, mails are backed up in multiple DAG nodes even database is activated in 1 node only (ref: WIZ-571-53117, T-23889)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange MailLevel Backup error = Target is not a file, sParent=Indbakke, sName… (ref: XEI-817-36874, T-24107)
  • MS Exchange - Fail to run Exchange Mail Level Backup with warning “E-mail Account Not Available” (ref: XNU-699-59723, T-23407)
  • MS Exchange - Fail to run Exchange Mail Level backup with “Insufficient permissions to the mailbox ERROR=MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER” error (ref: SXG-424-12444, T-22342)
  • MS Exchange - Fail to create exchange mail level backup with error “Cannot get Server DN ERROR=MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND” (ref: RHR-253-65163, LDU-890-89362, T-21773)
  • MS Exchange - Fail to backup mails with large size (~90 MB or larger) for Exchange 2016 Mail backup set (ref: GAX-974-48672, GHI-635-94784, T-22593,T-22677)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange Mail level backup encounters “E-mail Account Not Available” / “ERROR=MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER” warning (ref: QJL-204-51955, T-22607)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange Mail level backup encounters error when backing up folder name with “\” (ref: PON-866-68066, GJC-516-17662, T-22609)
  • MS Exchange - When “MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND” is encountered, it is log as info message instead of warning message (ref: RRH-401-60647, HUF-916-15404, EDV-238-34450, TPA-381-98076, KDG-243-42286, T-22548)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange DAG backup crash and remained in “In Progress” status after applying unofficial hotfix (ref: T-22095)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange Mail 2016 - Unable to restore mail with large size (~89 MB or larger) with [ServiceException] response code = 415 (ref: T-22782)
  • MS Exchange - Exchange 2016 Mailbox backup got incorrect Retention size occasionally after backup (ref: FXV-731-95484, T-22729)
  • MS SQL - Unable to backup MSSQL database with “Skip backing up … Instance does not exist” warning (ref: FIS-980-74056, RLH-486-31095, T-25307)
  • MS SQL - Fail to run MSSQL backup with warning message “Database of ”%DB_Name%“ not found!” (ref: ASF-613-77555, T-25658)
  • MS SQL - MSSQL backup encountered error “[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]ConnectionOpen (SECCreateCredentials()).” (ref: HSH-517-18106, NJN-677-68934, T-26054)
  • MS SQL - MS SQL gets [ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server]SQL Server Network Interfaces: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified [xFFFFFFFF] after upgrade (ref: PFT-347-16973, T-22982)
  • MS SQL - MSSQL Backup wrongly flagging database doesn't exist in source/not being selected in source as “does not exist” and skip backing them up (ref: RWA-840-25855, T-22473)
  • MS SQL - MSSQL Backup wrongly flagging database doesn't exist and not selected in source as “does not exist” and skip backing them up (ref: KSK-702-16578, T-22817)
  • Office 365 - When perform backup, backup errors caused by various java.lang.NumberFormatException is hit (ref: T-26100)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 SharePoint backup encounters “400 BAD REQUEST” & incorrect size error (ref: HBC-791-72331, T-25974)
  • Office 365 - Most of backup data will be upload again after completed index migration (Office365 Backup) (ref: PGX-220-38488, T-25491)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 SharePoint backup encounters size incorrect error (ref: JXZ-609-27365, MHB-358-62325, MWJ-806-25560, QXK-163-82347, VOO-317-72290, T-25734)
  • Office 365 - When backup a mailbox with 1 million mail items, over 12GB physical memory is used when only 300MB heap usage is recorded (ref: T-25295)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 backup error ”[CloudFileSystem.createFile] Parent directory 'Office 365/Users/' does not exist“ (ref: BYQ-468-42829, T-24408)
  • Office 365 - O365 SharePoint Backup cannot backup emoji and get error … Cannot open file “xxx.eml”. 500 Internal Server Error (ref: KCT-270-62506, T-24406)
  • Office 365 - When restore from Chinese version Outlook to English version Outlook, new folder is created for Inbox (ref: T-24394)
  • Office 365 - When restoring OneDrive data to Windows local computer, Missing Raw Files error for .ldi file shows in restore logs (ref: T-24103)
  • Office 365 - Backup speed of Office365 backup sets with OneDrive files is much slower in v8 than in v7 (ref: ZND-460-92809, T-23122)
  • Office 365 - Fail to run Office 365 backup with error “Failed to login to cloud service with the credentials provided” when there are invalid mailboxes (ref: TQP-373-91682, TUI-366-49008, T-23107)
  • Office 365 - When perform backup on multiple Office365 user accounts, java.util.ConcurrentModificationException error is hit (ref: T-23115)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 mailbox backup on v8 is much slower than on v7 for the same set of backup source when there are exactly 50 items in a folder (ref: AGN-191-22459, T-23136)
  • Office 365 - When backup 1 item in a directory with many items, backup time is similar to backing up the whole directory for Office 365 backup (ref: T-23160)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 backup takes a long time on deleting temporary files and seems to be stuck (ref: YCX-796-47741, T-23228)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 backup job is too slow when there is exactly 50 items in a folder (ref: HIQ-116-12763, T-23243)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 backup set only restore the structure of the folders are restored but not the files within for files because the filesize is larger than 25MB (ref: LEV-361-45827, T-23264)
  • Office 365 - Office 365 Scheduled backup missed with “There are no files selected in backup set '%backupset_name%'” error but Manual backup works fine (ref: DIA-226-52551, MFV-875-70244, T-23382)
  • Office 365 - Fail to run Office365 backup with error “Fail to resolve dependency path” (ref: YKB-539-68873, T-23398)
  • Office 365 - Fail to run Office365 backup with error “Fail to resolve dependency path …, Reason = ”[Util.Url.getAbsoluteUrl] Invalid relative url …“” (ref: LBZ-587-33655, ENN-530-11872, T-23409)
  • Office 365 - Error ”'Office 365 Exchange Online/xxx' exists already“ is shown in Office365 backup (ref: AFM-144-53213, T-22798)
  • Office 365 - Fail to backup mails with large size (~90 MB or larger) for Office365 backup set (ref: GAX-974-48672, GHI-635-94784, T-22593,T-22677)
  • Office 365 - “[BlockDB.delete] Failed to remove element from bptree … not found for CalculateMoveFileValue” is shown in Office365 backup (ref: EEC-840-96519, T-22682)
  • Oracle - Oracle 11g database backup on Windows 2012 R2 completes with error “Unknown backup SPFile exception” (ref: QEW-278-25146, T-24086)
  • VMware - Fail to run direct restore VMWare ESXi backup set with Error=[BackupSet.getBackupSeparator] Unclassified backup set type (ref: T-24911)
  • VMware - Show “[CloudException.ConnectFailedExpt] [SFtpManager.login] Failed to access SFTP” when CloudBacko Pro is not able to ESXi Server via SSH to perform restore job for VMware Backup Set (ref: BAN-233-65578, T-22266)
  • VMware - Restoration of VM using “Run Direct” failed due to “Session not found” (ref: T-22820)
  • Windows System - Fail to start schedule job of Windows System Backup (ref: QEP-742-54657, T-22588)
  • Windows System - Unable to perform Windows System Backup when Temporary Directory is set to a password protected network drive (ref: YLC-579-13529, T-23517)

Backup Destination

  • Incorrectly download index from 1st destination of a pool during backup when it is full and latest index is stored in 2nd destination (ref: T-26252)
  • Unable to add OpenStack with SSL as Cloud File backup source and Standard destination (ref: T-17749)
  • Backup to “OneDrive for Business” returned with error “The request has been throttled” (ref: SNX-936-30733, T-24514)
  • File backup to Google Cloud Storage “Failed to access destination “Google Cloud Storage USA”. Reason=“” (ref: IUR-104-75839, T-24423)
  • Fail to add “OpenStack” as predefined destination because the user account is not allow to access the main page to detect IdentityAPI version (ref: PEQ-104-23637, T-21814)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Add perm of loginfo (logStartBackup) for whether skipping Historical job checking (ref: OGF-452-64213, T-25431)
  • After running retention policy / space freeing up to remove the files, incorrect statistics is returned when running data integrity check (ref: T-25038)
  • File backup to Backblaze Standard destinations failed with block (.bak) NOT FOUND error (ref: T-25167)
  • After upgraded, backup index cannot be decrypted and all files re-uploaded (ref: T-25355)
  • Enforced full DIC after upgrade failed to remove the data from the backup destination but the backup log claimed the files had been removed (ref: AES-886-44956, T-25400)
  • backup error Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud …caused by [SQLiteException][SQLITE_CONSTRAINT] Abort due to constraint violation (ref: DBS-560-83649, OAD-215-96573, T-25451)
  • Get [FileAttributeIterator.reiterate] Failed to list … [SocketTimeoutException] Read timed out on Backup & DIC after upgrade (ref: FMX-824-64917, IUM-634-68988, MBO-445-38626, MXR-663-34563, T-25479)
  • Cannot run backup on CentOS since “Failed to load native library:sqlite-” with “Error…org.sqlite.core.NativeDB._open_utf8([BI)V” (ref: PEJ-507-95874, WVE-381-21536, T-25492)
  • After running data integrity check / space freeing up, index.db file is not found in the current folder of backup destination (ref: T-25502)
  • Massive “exists already” and “Failed to retain non-empty directory” errors occur on backup jobs on multiple users after upgrade (ref: CSA-289-75260, LUV-505-71246, PTD-107-12026, ULZ-650-26955, T-25589)
  • Backup Error = File: “……/0/000000.bak”, NOT Found (1570189464016) (ref: AIK-520-28469, EDW-131-57375, IBF-322-88806, OOE-430-78965, PFP-545-87796, TZH-238-99663, VPA-889-21299, T-25610)
  • Error = [d] Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=org.sqlite.core.NativeDB._open_utf8([BI)V, caused by [UnsatisfiedLinkError] … (ref: DVG-439-65736, PID-287-79915, XEU-282-96031, T-25612)
  • CDP backup error [Moved File] … caused by [SQLException] [BlockDB.updateFile] Parent directory “xxx\yyy.tmp” cannot be found (ref: CIG-226-37549, CPL-206-62423, T-25643)
  • Backup files with mismatched compressed size and block data length from index failed to re-upload in the next backup (ref: T-25724)
  • Prompted with “null” alert when save user profile or create backup set (ref: T-25979)
  • Change user settings on CloudBacko which without latest user info will cause newer backup sets being removed (ref: HPR-450-86346, T-24921)
  • CloudBacko will not update the backup status of previous backup job if the previous job do not have terminated properly (ref: ADP-490-27615, T-24005)
  • CloudBacko does not recognize the Slovenian/Hebrew characters (ref: UKI-627-18425, KYA-309-34717, T-22562)
  • FileSysUtilSosX64 error in backup job of Solaris 11 x64 (ref: T-22377)
  • Default Values “Encryption Key - User Password” get reset to 44 digit random key when Encryption GUI are hidden (ref: T-21584)


  • Hyper-V license violation after backup set removal and service restart (ref: BPM-573-59657, T-21824)

Operating Systems

  • Scheduled backup cannot be run when windows username is in Korean (ref: AAC-305-71260, T-23957)
  • On CentOS 7.5 GUI (GNOME) Korean Language not displayed properly (ref: T-24748)

Reporting / Email report

  • Some updated files that does not show on backup report (ref: QJD-389-38452, T-25747)
  • When running advanced retention policy, Delete message is NOT updated with last modified time, size, backup by job information (ref: T-25344)
  • When performing file backup, Error “Failed to synchronize log files to servernull” is logged in .cbp\log\System (ref: T-25057)

Restore / Decrypt

  • Restore from MS Azure failed IOException, error=Blob data corrupted (integrity check failed), Expected value is xxx, retrieved yyy (ref: BBI-646-47800, T-25988)
  • Fail to recover the restored MSSQL data to MSSQL server (ref: AVB-147-86226, T-25957)
  • Cannot restore the Exchange database to alternate location (ref: WSS-332-83903, T-25456)
  • Fail to restore file 'Office 365/Site Collections/xxxx' (ref: IYR-805-76599, T-25713)
  • VMware - When perform VMware Run Direct restore on ESXi Ubuntu VM, warning is hit (ref: T-24391)
  • Fail to perform manual migrate of VMware and Hyper-V backup set with no response when clicking “Manage Run Direct Virtual Machines” (ref: T-24854)
  • Unable to restore folders with trailing space backed up by Windows (ref: JCK-261-28694, T-24901)
  • Could not restore data from backed up mailboxes (Exchange mailbox backupset) (ref: KYA-485-82086, T-24320)
  • Slow Restoration Speed. “Unexpected IOException, error=[ObsManager.getInputStream] Target is not a file.” (ref: XZS-821-95913, T-24452)
  • Fail to restore data from file backup set and CloudBacko keeps to return the message as Encryption key is incorrect (ref: OIA-708-83464, T-23695)
  • Oracle 11.2 Restore with error ““ORA_DB_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORT” even though Oracle 11.2 is supported (ref: SAF-901-65388, T-23299)
  • Restoration failure. Error = Failed to obtain inputstream for '[BackupFile][Version=10100](ref: GDW-259-45653, T-23020)
  • CloudBacko crashes when trying to restore corrupted file permission data to the restore file for Hyper-V Backup set (ref: T-22526)

System Maintenance

  • Fail to new /update file with Error=[ReadAheadInputStream.readNext]@1417399903 READ_ TIMEOUT=5400000 exceeded (ref: ZWB-310-24443, T-26147)
  • CloudBacko UI & Service could not be started “Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly” after upgraded to v8.1.0.50, causes backup not working (ref: VRX-394-40311, T-23286)
  • Office application slowness and screen flickering after CloudBacko installed (ref: VLS-805-40430, ITZ-205-44053, SOW-380-20119, VUA-649-72676, T-23361)


  • Searching result from Restore > Search is not accurate (ref: VYK-500-55771, T-25531)
  • Incorrect Korea Translations (ref: T-25401)
  • Incorrect Korean Translation in Backup / Restore > Basic > User Home page (ref: T-25142)
  • Spanish translation request (ref: IWP-518-66092, T-24529)
  • Dutch translation issue on terms “Last” (ref: GPX-370-69228, T-24150)
  • Missing french translation on some parts during backup set creation (ref: PNJ-911-98507, T-19579)
  • German Translation is missing on some places and some spelling mistakes is found (ref: WRQ-730-72227, T-19621)
  • English language shown on CloudBacko Opendirect in any localization (ref: DMH-106-29621, T-22789)
  • Correction on Spanish translation (ref: JAF-978-55812, T-23220)

User Experiences

  • When the login credentials for Windows User Authentication are incorrect the error message is duplicated (ref: T-24496)
  • When click Previous button on the “Restore items from Users/Site Collections” page at Decrypt for Office 365 backupset, error was prompted (ref: T-25007)
  • Incorrect Korean Translation (ref: T-25008)
  • Change the login error messages to improve security (ref: T-25150)
  • Backup End Status in UI and SystemTray one do NOT match for Korean (ref: T-23729)
  • Supress log4j message when running CloudBacko batch files (ref: NFO-705-40615, OZW-482-66400, PXZ-557-90014, VMM-247-33047, ZOD-690-36876, T-22988)
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