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Release Notes for CloudBacko Pro

v2.5.0.0 (20-Feb-2017)

Known Issues

  • Due to bug in v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0, update from v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0 to v2.5.0.0 via Software Update is not supported. Users are required to download installer to upgrade to v2.5.0.0.
  • Due to the temporary limitation imposed by Amazon Cloud Drive, backup and restore to Amazon Cloud Drive may take longer time.
  • For performing RunDirect Restore on Hyper-V Standalone Server, users are required to manually install the RunDirect driver first. This does not apply to Hyper-V Server bundled with Windows.
  • Due to the limitation of Windows OneDrive free account, backup and restore to Windows OneDrive may take longer time
  • Unable to perform software update on Mac OS X

Enhancements and bug fixes

Application specific backup

  • Enhancement - Support backup/restore of cloud (e.g. OneDrive, DropBox) files to/from CloudBacko (ref: T-13156)
  • Enhancement - Enable SystemState Backup on Windows Server 2016 (ref: T-12208)
  • Enhancement - Enable Windows System Backup on Windows Server 2016 (ref: T-12207)
  • Enhancement - Support Exchange Online backup/restore for Office 365 (ref: T-7452)
  • Enhancement - Implement Hyper-V VSS writer to speed up VM delta generation (ref: T-13147)
  • Enhancement - Add java option “-XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=512m” to prevent [OutOfMemoryError] Direct buffer memory error. (ref: T-15556)
  • Enhancement - Support Hyper-V Backup/Restore with Windows OS which supports Auto Recovery functionality (ref: T-14988)
  • Enhancement - Support license module of Cloud File and Office 365 Exchange Online (ref: T-16346)
  • Enhancement - Windows installer supports installation/upgrade/uninstallation of NFS service (ref: T-14368)
  • Enhancement - Support registering NFS to existing portmapper on NIX (ref: T-14542)
  • Enhancement - Enhance NFS server to handle every found crash case (ref: T-15534)
  • Enhancement - Migrate “OneDrive for Business” API to OneDrive API 2.0 (ref: T-14593)
  • Enhancement - Update Amazon AWS S3 regions (ref: T-16067)
    • Asia Pacific (Mumbai) ap-south-1
    • Canada (Central) ca-central-1
    • EU (London) eu-west-2
    • US East (Ohio) us-east-2
  • Bug fix - Delete and re-upload the same file when failed to get output stream (ref: T-15745)
  • Bug fix - CBK fails to add Azure destination with error “The value for one the HTTP headers is not in the correct format” (ref: T-14516)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V cluster backup missed with error (ref: T-14407)
  • Bug fix - MS SQL backup completed with warning “MSSQL_FAILED_TO_LOAD_CHANGES” on incremental only (ref: T-14438)
  • Bug fix - Window System Backup Set mapped drive is not displayed as selectable option for image spool path (ref: T-14173)
  • Bug fix - Cannot show database(s) in source if the name of the MSSQL is longer than 15 characters (ref: T-13971)
  • Bug fix - 2008 R2 database backup error “Cannot start shadow copy, reason =null” (ref: T-12950)
  • Bug fix - Oracle Backupset 'JavaSysPriv role not granted. Please execute “Grant JavaSysPriv to System”' even after granting the JavaSysPriv (ref: T-14623)
  • Bug fix - Backup with error: VSS_E_WRITERROR_NONRETRYABLE (ref: T-14007)
  • Bug fix - MS Windows System Backup without Windows User Authentication failure after upgrade (ref: T-14437)
  • Bug fix - MS SQL backup gets 'No database file found for “yyyyyy\xxx”' error but the selected databases do exist (ref: T-14531)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL backup fails with null error (ref: T-14454)
  • Bug fix - No database file found for “%DB_Name%” (ref: T-14123)
  • Bug fix - Subsquent backup of VM on Hyper-V 2012 R2 Cluster does not backup VHDX file (VHDX file located on Cluster Storage) (ref: T-14031)
  • Bug fix - Fails to restore Hyper-v run direct to original location after a successful backup (ref: T-13959)
  • Bug fix - MS SQL backup gets “VSS” error on Incremental Backup and “No database file found” error on Full Backup (ref: T-14317)
  • Bug fix - Missing MSSQL database source if name matches with second instance name (ref: T-14329)
  • Bug fix - VMware backup fails with the “failed to update backup file” error (ref: T-14290)
  • Bug fix - Schedule Job with error: For input string: C (ref: T-14148)
  • Bug fix - Exchange 2010 mail level backup fails to run with null error (ref: T-13807)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL 2014 backup fails with [erro] [-] Cannot start shadow copy, reason =null (ref: T-14186)
  • Bug fix - Exchange 2010 DAG database backupset gets [erro] [100] [RuntimeException] bad record MAC (ref: T-14176)
  • Bug fix - Exchange 2010 Cannot get Server DN ERROR=MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND (ref: T-14088)
  • Bug fix - Cannot create Exchange 2013 mail-level backupset on Windows 2012 R2 (DN ERROR=MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND) (ref: T-14023)
  • Bug fix - Crashes when creating MSSQL backup set on 32bit Windows 2008 (ref: T-14396)
  • Bug fix - Failing to create new backup set due to problems with SidebySide (ref: T-13782)
  • Bug fix - View backup log for Oracle Backup Set on Backup page or on Report page, it shows BLANK page (ref: T-13965)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V Clustering backup job contains “Unable to generate delta using CBT” warning (ref: T-14632)
  • Bug fix - Backup Hyper-V Clustering “Paused” status VM failed with “Failed to create a checkpoint” error (ref: T-14659)
  • Bug fix - Create dummy backup checkpoint (snapshot) when restoring to Alternate location and Raw Files (but NOT for Original location) (ref: T-14585)
  • Bug fix - Restore Hyper-V VM to original location occasionally hit VM NOT listed in HyperV Manager issue (ref: T-14577)
  • Bug fix - CBT log files for Full and Differential Hyper-V backup jobs were not properly clean up (ref: T-14616)
  • Bug fix - Run Direct restore VM (Which is a restored to alternate location VM from previous backup sets) to alternate location failed (ref: T-14634)
  • Bug fix - “Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface” always shown in Event Viewer during Backup/Restore jobs (ref: T-14579)
  • Bug fix - Allow user to restore “Host Component” / “Initial Store” in Hyper-V backup set to Original location with Run Direct Enabled (ref: T-14640)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V Cluster backup set restore VM to alternate location failed with “[MSVMExpt] Fail to import Virtual Machine {0}” error (ref: T-14631)
  • Bug fix - Backing up power on VMs on hyper-v would lead to reconnectDifferencingDisk error when restoring (ref: T-14134)
  • Bug fix - Win-sys backup's “store system backup location” is set to “C:” after upgrade (ref: T-12461)
  • Bug fix - MS SQL backupset wait for 48 hours to show the bkup source list for large no. of db and backup does not work (ref: T-14553)
  • Bug fix - Crashed - Exchange Mail Level Backup (ref: T-15317)
  • Bug fix - After upgrade, the scheduled MSSQL backup job will never compeleted. (ref: T-14607)
  • Bug fix - Fail to backup ESXi VM (ref: T-14993)
  • Bug fix - CBTFilter with Bit Defender AV causing server blue screen (ref: T-15352)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL backup Error=“[IOException] []… Throwable=Direct buffer memory” (ref: T-15578)
  • Bug fix - VM Backup - Various error on backing up a VM (ref: T-15175)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V backup the “Data.vhdx” disk file is uploading in it's entirety in every backup job (ref: T-15320)
  • Bug fix - Views Exchange 2016 backup source with Unknown error code (ref: T-15756)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL backup with error “MSSQL_DB_REQUIRED_FILE_MISSING_TPLATE,S003422%5cACA\RE001403,RE001403.mdf” (ref: T-15257)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL Backup error “MSSQL_DB_REQUIRED_FILE_MISSING_TPLATE” (ref: T-15430)
  • Bug fix - Getting the error meaasge “TNS Listener Service is not started when creating the Oracle backup set. (ref: T-15771)
  • Bug fix - MySQL Backup error “Skipping the data of table mysql.event.” (ref: T-15657)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL backup with error ”“MSSQL_DB_REQUIRED_FILE_MISSING_TPLATE,SRV01%5cOPUS\\OPUS%5fTEST\\OPUS_TEST,components.xml” (ref: T-15064)
  • Bug fix - Views Exchange 2010 backup source with Unknown error code (ref: T-15477)
  • Bug fix - Cannot create Exchange 2007 backup set with E_UNEXPECTED (ref: T-15541)
  • Bug fix - Crashes when running the backup job of the Exchange 2010 mail-level backupset (MAPIWrapper2010.exe) (ref: T-14067)
  • Bug fix - Fail to run Hyper V backup with error Fail to load CBT (ref: T-15204)
  • Bug fix - Backup crashes Hyper-V server with a Bluescreen after upgrading (ref: T-15168)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V backup crashes with Blue Screen of Death (ref: T-15248)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V Server crashed (ref: T-15234)
  • Bug fix - Exchange backup with “Error=”[M] [ReadAheadInputStream.Reader.readStream]@104287904 READ_TIMEOUT=5400000 exceeded“ (ref: T-15049)
  • Bug fix - Cannot perform VM backup with VDDK mode after added a new VM in backup set (ref: T-12810)
  • Bug fix - Fail to run backup with error Failed to obtain link and Failed to retain non-empty directory (ref: T-15696)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL backup fails with “Failed to run space free up of destination” randomly (ref: T-15043)
  • Bug fix - Select destination & restore Oracle backup job, a BLANK screen is shown (ref: T-14776)
  • Bug fix - Fail to list/restore delta job of Exchange DB (ref: T-16271)
  • Bug fix - Failed to create Exchange Mail level backup set (ref: T-16034)
  • Bug fix - Getting the error meaasge “TNS Listener Service is not started when creating the Oracle backup set. (ref: T-15072)
  • Bug fix - Dummy Snapshot is not merged after restoring a Hyper-V Backup Set in non-cluster environment (ref: T-16160)
  • Bug fix - Fail to restore a Hyper-V Backup Set in Windows Updated Environment if the VM status is “Saved” during backup (ref: T-16161)
  • Bug fix - Error returns when restoring MySQL backup job on Linux platform (ref: T-16114)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V limitation on max no. VMs to back does not apply on trial users (ref: T-14925)
  • Bug fix - Oracle backup with ”{0} not found after copying” error (Fix error message) (ref: T-15489)
  • Bug fix - SaveToMSG ERROR=STG_E_FILEALREADYEXISTS (ref: T-14758)
  • Bug fix - Support to backup MySQL information_schema (ref: T-4696)
  • Bug fix - CBK vCenter backup with error “Reason = “Fail to connect VM disk by VDDK library [Cannot connect to the host]” (ref: T-14528)
  • Bug fix - Failed to create Lotus Notes backup set (ref: T-16041)

Backup Destination

  • Enhancement - Support IBM Softlayer as Openstack destination (ref: T-15025)
  • Bug fix - Could not create Predefined Destination to AmazonS3 (Failed to access destination “AmazonS3-1”. Reason=“Access Denied”) (ref: T-15722)
  • Bug fix - Cannot not add Onedrive for Business as a backup destination fails the [NullPointerExeption] null error (ref: T-13995)


  • Bug fix - Minimized Icon on the Dock bar of Mac OSX is having a degraded resolution (ref: T-14785)


  • Enhancement - CBT Cluster service only supports installation on Windows x64 (ref: T-14872)
  • Bug fix - Fail to install on OS X, the installer package is damaged and can't be opened (ref: T-14617)

File backup

  • Enhancement - Speed up file backup/restore (ref: T-14170)
  • Bug fix - Displayed backup record incorrectly (ref: T-14210)
  • Bug fix - Backup with PST file to Amazon keeps failing with Error=”[d] [ChunkedOutputStream.Flush Data.execute] Failed to flush buffer (ref: T-15032)
  • Bug fix - Backup Error “[OutOfMemoryError] Direct buffer memory” (ref: T-15804)
  • Bug fix - File backup with Error=[BackupSrcShortCutManager.Windows.getBackupSrcShortCutPath] User SID cannot be null (ref: T-14201)
  • Bug fix - Backup Error “[OutOfMemoryError] Direct buffer memory” (ref: T-15743)
  • Bug fix - Error=“[b] [CloudFileSystem.getChunkBuffer] InterruptedException, caused by [InterruptedException] null” (ref: T-15331)
  • Bug fix - After upgrade, backup got error and data integrity check got error (ref: T-13742)
  • Bug fix - Backup Error “FastPipedOutputStream has been closed by the reading thread” (ref: T-15443)
  • Bug fix - Linux File backup get the error “[k] [CloudFileSystem.deleteLinkTarget] Failed to obtain link '…' for target” (ref: T-15641)
  • Bug fix - Keeping to get the error message “Failed to retain non-empty directory” during the backup procedure even updated (ref: T-14998)
  • Bug fix - Backup on MAC fails with “[CloudFileSystem.deleteLinkTarget] Failed to obtain link” error (ref: T-15069)
  • Bug fix - File backup error “Failed to delete '[BackupFile][ClientPath=…because it is not empty. One of the existing files is…” (ref: T-15144)
  • Bug fix - Scheduler stopped after client machine reboot but show “started” in Windows Services (ref: T-15640)
  • Bug fix - Backup error : Failed to retain non-empty directory (ref: T-15335)
  • Bug fix - Failed to obtain link '%%' for target (ref: T-15293)
  • Bug fix - Linux backup still fails with “Failed to retain non-empty directory” after CRC check (ref: T-14008)
  • Bug fix - Cannot perform the Data Integrity Check (ref: T-15076)
  • Bug fix - PDF Backup reports show errors “[CloudFileSystem.deleteLinkTarget] Failed to obtain link” (ref: T-15356)
  • Bug fix - Schedule backup to Cloud Destinations and then Error is found in Scheduler debug.log (ref: T-9343)
  • Bug fix - Starts backup twice after the change of daylight saving on client machine (ref: T-15094)
  • Bug fix - CBK sends email report without error even the backup is failed with Interrupted by Error (ref: T-14243)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Enhancement - Bundled empty microsoft-windowsazure-api-0.4.6.jar to installers (ref: T-14526)
  • Enhancement - Provide a script (ListBackupSetFiles) to download a list of dirs/files that can be restored (ref: T-14062)
  • Enhancement - Allow to bypass the Windows Authentication for backing up local data only (ref: T-14171)
  • Bug fix - Memory is exhausted by CDP if thousands of delete were detected (ref: T-14060)
  • Bug fix - If CDP is enabled in the File backup set, then logout and use another account to login, CloudBacko service is terminated unexpected (ref: T-14576)
  • Bug fix - / ListBackupJob.bat not working (ref: T-14275)
  • Bug fix - Cannot Handle Encryption Key with Non-printable Characters in Re-configuration (ref: T-14139)
  • Bug fix - Scheduler service was crashed without error message. (ref: T-14625)
  • Bug fix - Cannot access backup set with String index out of range: 11 (ref: T-13478)
  • Bug fix - [Utilities] > [Delete Backup Data] cannot be run in the second backup set, after creating a backup set and running [Delete Backup Data] (ref: T-14026)
  • Bug fix - Backup Files are removed improperly after performing Data Integrity Check with CRC Enabled (ref: T-14394)
  • Bug fix - Exposes the Amazon / AWS S3 Access Key and AWS Secret Key in plain text when exporting the Backup Set Settings to XML (ref: T-15749)

License / Billing module

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Operating Systems

  • Bug fix - Crash on Linux with Windows Event Log enabled for the user account (ref: T-14168)


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Reporting / Email report

  • Enhancement - Include “Skip running retention policy…” in the backup log (ref: T-13661)
  • Bug fix - Cannot update the usage in [Report]>[Usage] by “Space Freeing Up” or “Data Integrity Check” or running backup job (ref: T-14022)
  • Bug fix - after upgrade, report usage page's destination list items are duplicated (ref: T-13747)
  • Bug fix - Cannot show correct usage after deletion of backup data (ref: T-14093)
  • Bug fix - CBK 2300 cannot display usage in Report section (ref: T-16055)
  • Bug fix - CBK 2300 French Interface shows invalid parameters (ref: T-15618)
  • Restore / Decrypt
  • Bug fix - Restore prompts to delete all data in destination by running DIC with CRC when fail to delete file (ref: T-14025)
  • Bug fix - Fails to restore run direct to original location after a successful backup (ref: T-13921)
  • Bug fix - Run Direct failed error ESXi 6.0.0 fails to make connection to this machine. Please provide the IP address … (ref: T-15577)
  • Bug fix - Restore failed with “Path does not exist” errors when restoring lots of files with permissions (ref: T-13768)
  • Bug fix - Hyper-V Run Direct Restore gives “Failed to create a checkpoint of a virtual machine” error (ref: T-15997)
  • Bug fix - Restore Oracle DB prompts an Error with blank message and no database shown in selection (ref: T-14912)
  • Bug fix - Linux restore with “java.lang.NullPointerException” error (ref: T-15362)
  • Bug fix - Restore with [erro] [] Path=… Throwable= Invalid file name (ref: T-15318)
  • Bug fix - Restore relative symbolic link as asolute link no matter the 'follow link' is enabled or not (ref: T-14926)
  • Bug fix - Hanged on selecting destination when trying to restore Hpyer-V backup set (ref: T-15039)
  • Bug fix - MSSQL restore fails to restore with “The system cannot find the file specified” error (ref: * T-15546)
  • Bug fix - Hangs when selecting the destination to restore (ref: T-14135)
  • Bug fix - Restore MySQL backup job returns error in restore log (ref: T-14675)
  • Bug fix - Restore ESXi VM (with 2 or more snapshots) to Original location replace existing VM fails with “Fail to delete virtual disk” error (ref: T-13867)
  • Bug fix - Fail to restore the VM with vmdk file name have -0000x pattern (ref: T-14668)
  • Bug fix - Unable to restore backed up VMware disks (ref: T-14704)
  • Bug fix - Hanged on restoring VM with Failed to flush buffer. Error='{1}' error (ref: T-14734)
  • Bug fix - Restore VMware cannot restore old backup files (ref: T-14938)
  • Bug fix - CBK 2300 restore from S3 with “Failed to list bucket” error (ref: T-16168)
  • Bug fix - CBK 2300 VMware Vcenter restore with [ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException] -1 error (ref: T-15304)

Software Update

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

System maintenance

  • Bug fix - CBK cannot update the usage in [Report]>[Usage] by “Space Freeing Up” or “Data Integrity Check” or running backup job (ref: T-14164)

User experiences

  • Enhancement - Prompt user before terminating NFS service for Winodws installer (ref: T-14800)
  • Enhancement - Support changing the date format for reporting in interface (ref: T-14019)
  • Enhancement - Support functions of selecting/dis-selecting all user mailboxes for Office 365 module (ref: T-14665)
  • Enhancement - Support US Date format for Custom Schedule in interface (ref: T-14332)
  • Enhancement - Prompt for Reminding to Write Down or Keep Encryption Key in Safe Place (ref: T-14356)
  • Enhancement - Show warning message for removing user settings and encryption info during uninstallation (ref: T-14763)
  • Enhancement - Show proper error message when restore job exceeds the run direct limit (ref: T-15033)
  • Enhancement - Show clear CloudBacko Pro/Lite/Home icon in Notification on Windows 10 (ref: T-11541)
  • Bug fix - Cannot view online help pages (ref: T-14621)
  • Bug fix - Empty error message is shown when user create “Failover Cluster” backup set in a Hyper-V non-cluster environment (ref: T-14641)
  • Bug fix - Some online help screens not showing up for English, Traditional, and Simplified Chinese versions (ref: T-14730)
  • Bug fix - Selecting another backup set type reverts user-inputted name to default name when creating new backup set (ref: T-14086)
  • Bug fix - Client usage reporting shows repeated and incorrect information regarding selectable destination and backupsets (ref: T-14034)
  • Bug fix - Unable to remove “Windows User Authentication” settings in backup set even if backup schedule is disabled within the same login session (ref: T-13930)
  • Bug fix - Windows User Authentication settings in the backup set were saved by pressing [Cancel] button within the same login session (ref: T-13929)
  • Bug fix - Informative message should be provided when restoring Hyper-V VM to the disk with insufficient space (ref: T-14880)
  • Bug fix - Schedule not run at 'set' time for some timezones in new version of Windows platforms (Java 7) (ref: T-7984)
  • Bug fix - Cloudbacko responds very slowly on any functions (GUI Slow + Freezing) (ref: T-14121)
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