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4. Limitations

1. CloudBacko Pro does not support Oracle Express Edition or Oracle XE.

2. Backup and restore of Oracle database(s) running on a remote machine is not supported.

3. CloudBacko Pro Oracle database module only supports backup and/or restore of standalone Oracle installations. The following advanced Oracle database setups are not supported:

  • Clusterware or RAC (Real Application Clusters)
  • ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • Data Guard etc.

4. An CloudBacko Pro Oracle database backup set supports the backup and restore of one Oracle instance. For Oracle database server’s setup with multiple instances, a separate backup set is required for each instance.

5. To recover a full Oracle database instance, the following items must be selected in the backup source:

  • Oracle Database Server must be selected.
  • All databases including SYSAUX, SYSTEM, UNDOTBS1, USERS and related application databases except for “TEMP” must be selected in the backup source when creating the backup set. Otherwise, without a backup of these databases, a full Oracle database instance recovery will NOT be possible.

Even if the “TEMP” is selected in the backup source, this database will be skipped during a backup job.

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