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6. Overview on the Backup Process

The following steps are performed during an Oracle Server backup job in Database and Archived Log backup modes.

6.1. Database Backup

6.2. Archived Log Backup

6.3. Periodic Data Integrity Check (PDIC) Process

CloudBacko Pro PDIC will run on the first backup job that falls on the corresponding day of the week from Monday to Friday.

To minimize the impact of the potential load of large number of PDIC jobs running at the same time, the schedule of a PDIC job for each backup set is automatically determined by the result of the following formula:

PDIC schedule = %BackupSetID% modulo 5


%BackupSetID% mod 5

The calculated result will map to the corresponding day of the week (i.e., from Monday to Friday).

0 Monday
1 Tuesday
2 Wednesday
3 Thursday
4 Friday

The PDIC schedule cannot be changed.


Backup set ID: 1594627447932

Calculation: 1594627447932 mod 5 = 2 That is Wednesday

In this example:

  • the PDIC will run on the first backup job that falls on Wednesday; or
  • if there is no active backup job(s) running from Monday to Friday, then the PDIC will run on the next available backup job.

Although according to the PDIC formula for determining the schedule is %BackupSetID% mod 5, this schedule only applies if the previous PDIC job was actually run more than 7 days prior.

Under certain conditions, the PDIC may not run strictly according to this formula. For example:

  1. If CloudBacko Pro was upgraded to v8.5 (or above) from an older version v6, v7, or pre- version. In this case, the PDIC job will run on the first backup job after upgrade.
  2. If backup jobs for a backup set are not run on a regular daily backup schedule (for example: on a weekly or monthly schedule), then the PDIC job will run if it detects that the previous PDIC job was run more than 7 days ago.

6.4. Backup Set Index Handling Process

To minimize the possibility of index related issues affecting backups, each time index files are downloaded from and uploaded to backup destination(s); the file size, last modified date, and checksum is verified to ensure index file integrity.

6.4.1. Start Backup Job

6.4.2. Completed Backup Job

6.5. Data Validation Check Process

As an additional measure to ensure that all files transferred to the backup destination(s) are received and saved correctly, both the number of 16 or 32 MB data block files and the size of each block file are checked again after the files are transferred.

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