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3. Best Practices and Recommendations

1. To enable a full Oracle database instance recovery, all databases including SYSAUX, SYSTEM, UNDOTBS1, USERS and related application databases except for “TEMP” must be selected in the backup source when creating the backup set. Otherwise, without a backup of these databases, a full Oracle database instance recovery will NOT be possible.

2. Full database backup or incremental / differential database backups should be scheduled when system activity is low to achieve the best possible performance and to minimize the impact on the database server performance (for example: scheduled to run on weekends).

3. For Archived Log backups, the backup frequency should be dependent on the number of transactions or activity on the database. Databases with more transaction should run archived log backup more frequently (for example: instead of a daily backup, it should be run multiple times a day).

4. To provide maximum data protection and flexible restore options, it is recommended to configure:

  • At least one offsite or cloud destination
  • At least one local destination for fast recovery

5. Perform test restores periodically to ensure that your backup is set up and data are backed up properly.

Performing recovery tests can also help identify potential issues or gaps in your recovery plan. It is important that you do not try to make the test easier, as the objective of a successful test is not to demonstrate that everything is flawless. There might be flaws identified in the plan throughout the test and it is important to identify those flaws.

6. The Restore Raw File option is for advanced Oracle database administrators and should only be used if you have in-depth knowledge and understanding of Oracle database engine, Oracle database schema, knowledge of the database server and network infrastructure. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this restore option as there is need to utilize additional Oracle techniques and scripts to facilitate a manual database restore.

Please refer to the following articles of Oracle Database Backup and Recovery User's Guide for details:

7. To ensure an optimal backup/restoration performance, it is highly recommended to set the temporary directory folder to a local disk location with sufficient free disk space. It must be on another location other than Drive C: (e.g., Drive E:).

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