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[Services Resumed] CloudBacko Go services status @ 2023-February-08

Update: Services resumed at 2023-February-09 00:51 GMT+8

Dear CloudBacko Go subscriber,

We wanted to inform you that the CloudBacko Go Backup service is partially affected due to the recent Microsoft Azure Datacenter outage.

Reference: Azure Status -
Impact Statement: Starting around 20:19 UTC on 7 February 2023, a utility power surge in the Southeast Asia region tripped a subset of the cooling units offline in one of the Availability zones. While working to restore the cooling units, temperatures in the datacenter increased so we have proactively powered down a small subset of selected compute and storage scale units, to avoid damage to hardware and reduce cooling system load. All impacted storage and compute scale units are in the same datacenter, within one of the region’s three Availability Zones (AZs). Multiple downstream services have been identified as impacted.

The CloudBacko Team has applied a temporary fix to workaround the current situation - If you are getting issue when logging on your account, please:

1. Close your CloudBacko Go client
2. Restart the CloudBacko Go services
Windows - [ Control Panel ] > [ Administrative Tools ] > [ Services ] > [CloudBacko Go Services ] > [ Restart ]
macOS - Run the script at / Applications / CloudBacko Go / bin /
*nix - Run the script at [ /usr/local/obm/bin/ ]

3. The CloudBacko Go server would push the temporary fix to your client. The process could take up to 30 minutes, DO NOT start up CloudBacko clients before the process is completed.

Afterwards, the services would be resumed. #

# The following feature will be affected:
- In-App Purchase
- Trial account creation

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