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Table of Contents

Periodic Data Integrity Check (PDIC)

Last revision: 2020-10-07

From v4.1.4.3 onward, the automatic Periodic Data Integrity Check (PDIC) feature is able to provide clients with maximum security and integrity of backup data. The latest enhancement includes a check for data, i.e. files and/or folders, that exists in the index files, but the physical files do not actually exist in the backup destinations.

Key Features

  • Identify and remove outdated entries in the index file for files and folders which do not physically exist in backup destinations
  • Identify and remove index files > 90 days old in backup destination
  • Update storage statistics for data area and retention area usage

Process of PDIC

  • From CloudBacko v4.1.4 onward, PDIC will run on the first backup job that falls on the corresponding day of the week, i.e. from Monday to Friday
  • for backup sets on pre v4.1.4 version, PDIC will run on the first backup job after upgrading to v4.1.4
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