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How do I apply a license key to a new CloudBacko Pro/Lite installation?

If you want to apply your license key to a new CloudBacko Pro/Lite installation, follow the following steps.

1). Open CloudBacko Pro/Lite and click on [Settings] > [License] > [Change License Key]

2). Enter your license key and press [OK] to continue.

3). Once the new license key has been verified, press [Next] to continue.

An activation file will be sent to the email address registered during the license purchase immediately containing the “activation.olr” with email subject “CloudBacko License Info” . If you do not receive the activation email please check your spam folder.

4). Copy the "activation.olr" file to the CloudBacko machine. Using "Browse" to locate "activation.olr" file and press [Import] to continue.

5). Your license key has now been successfully imported to your CloudBacko Pro / Lite installation and is ready to use.

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