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Cloud File Backup Module for CloudBacko Pro

CloudBacko Pro backup software allow users to back up data stored on supported cloud storage with the Cloud File Backup Set.

Best Practices and Recommendations

The following are some best practices or recommendations we strongly recommend you to follow before you start any Cloud File backup and restore.

Temporary Directory Folder Location

Temporary directory folder is used by CloudBacko for storing backup set index files and any incremental or differential backup files generated during a backup job. To ensure optimal backup/restoration performance, it is recommended that the temporary directory folder is set to a local drive.

Performance Recommendations

Consider the following best practices for optimized performance of the backup operations:

  • Schedule backup jobs when system activity is low to achieve the best possible performance.
  • Perform test restores periodically to ensure your backup is set up and performed properly. Performing recovery test can also help identify potential issues or gaps in your recovery plan. It's important that you do not try to make the test easier, as the objective of a successful test is not to demonstrate that everything is flawless. There might be flaws identified in the plan throughout the test and it is important to identify those flaws.
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