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CloudBacko Destination : Recommend discontinue use of Microsoft 'OneDrive for Business' as a Destination

Date: 2022-12-02

CloudBacko recommends users and Admins temporarily discontinue use of Microsoft OneDrive for Business as a destination (Backup) until Microsoft resolves this bug (

Due to recently discovered Microsoft issue affecting upload of specific files with bytes-sized corresponding to our data Block file [ ~32MB and ~64MB ], CloudBacko backup jobs may result in excessive 'retry' until max period is exhausted, resulting job error, leading to incomplete Block(s) data transfer. While the issue might not always be hit given varying bytes-size differences in each CloudBacko block file [.bak], it is on the side of caution to avoid incomplete backups by using an alternate Destination until this is resolved.

This Microsoft OneDrive for Business bug affects all CloudBacko products versions of Pro , Home , Lite , Go.

Any error message to look for ?
HTTP code 500 generalException: General exception while processing
The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold.

What if the Destination is currently using OneDrive for Business ?
For Backups, we recommend you pause their Schedules, and create new Backup Sets to alternate destinations. When the Microsoft bug is fixed, you can resume your original Backup Sets.

Where is this bug filed ?

How could I confirm this experience ?
You can try to manually upload, via your browser to connect to your Microsoft OneDrive for Business web UI, file sized:
File Bytes sizeResultComment
67,129,252OK64.01944 MB
67,108,800Transfer error63.99994 MB
67,108,832Transfer error63.99997 MB
33,554,384Transfer error31.99995 MB
33,554,327Transfer error31.9999 MB
33,554,222OK31.9998 MB
NOTE: These are a few examples, other Bytes-size can be affected too.

When is it expected to be fixed?
Our developers do not have a timeframe, as this is not a CloudBacko issue.

If you have further inquiry about this, you may contact our Support.

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