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[2021.02.18] Amazon Certificate Authority Change

We like to remind all customers who are using Amazon S3 storage as backup destination on CloudBacko Pro / Lite / Home prior to v4.5. Due to a change in certificate authority by, Inc. on or before March 23rd 2021, any CloudBacko Pro / Lite / Home that is not running v4.5 or above may experience interruption in backup or restore to Amazon S3 storage accounts. See this Amazon's blog post for details:

Therefore all affected customers are strongly recommended to upgrade to v4.5, to avoid any interruption in backup services. If your license is v4 or above, no upgrade fee is required for upgrading to v4.5. If your license is v1 to v3, then you will need to pay an upgrade fee which is 40% of the current list price. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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