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Release Notes for CloudBacko Home

1. We have recently confirmed a critical issue that affecting legacy customer with CloudBacko v4 or earlier Backupsets, who upgrade to CloudBacko v5.1.0.x. Refer to Upgrade Advisory #33940 for more information.

v5.1.4.0 Release Notes (12-May-2022)

This release contains the major features listed below:

Bug Fix

File Backup

  • File Backup gets error “Failed to flush buffer .. [ObsManager.mkdirDirectFromCloud] Failed to mkdirs…” (ref: T-33584)
  • Backup Filter is not working as expected when applying in “All hard disk drives” (ref: T-33533)
  • File Backup stuck when “Saving encrypted backup file index to %Destination%. (ref: T-33667)
  • File Backup to Google Drive occasionally encounters “Bad Request” error (ref: T-33423)
  • Backing up from a network drive that doesn't exist introducing a backup error “ Path \\xxx does not exist!” (ref: T-33531)

Backup Destination

  • Backup reported the destination is running out of space which is incorrect (ref: T-33658)
  • Failed to create backup set with SFTP destination (ref: T-34074)


  • Data Integrity Check stuck at saving results (ref: T-34029)
  • Retention Area does not clear (ref: T-34061)
  • Index Files in Temporary Directory does not rotate (ref: T-34288, T-34306)

System Maintenance

  • Refined Deduplication Logics for Appended Files (ref: T-34035, T-34264)
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