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Release Notes for CloudBacko Home

v4.5.2.3 Release Notes (13-May-2021)

This release contains the major features listed below:


CloudBacko App (Mobile)

  • Allow users to update Mobile Backup Destination path (ref: T-29717)
  • Update default destination folder path in macOS and Linux (ref: T-29718)
  • Device backup destination matching (ref: T-30646)

Operating Systems

  • Support macOS Big Sur (ref: CIB-650-41734, DBV-601-54275, FIL-562-78700, KFT-708-32442, LTA-997-59914, PJC-261-95934, QDX-779-80946, REF-549-59466, SIZ-516-96829, SLV-628-82853, WJH-291-44518, XUZ-830-16747, T-29145)


  • Enhanced File Listing Logic to list all Files Attributes in a go during Backup (ref: T-29553)
  • Enhanced Index Files Handling Logic to reduce Download/Reupload to Backup Destination (ref: T-30452)

Bug Fix


  • Stopped Showing Flash advertisement banner due to the de-support of Adobe Flash Player. (ref: T-29714)
  • When a non-activated Google+ account is used to sign up to CBH, sign in is blocked by the app (ref: T-27182)
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