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Release Notes for CloudBacko Home

v3.5.0.1 (3-Sep-2018)

Known Issues

  • Due to bug in v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0, update from v2.1.0.0/v2.2.2.0 to v3.1.0.1 via Software Update is not supported. Users are required to download installer to upgrade to v3.5.0.X.
  • Due to the limitation of Windows OneDrive free account, backup and restore to Windows OneDrive may take longer time
  • Unable to perform software update on Mac OS X

Enhancements and bug fixes

Application specific backup

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Backup Destination

  • Enhancement - Support Azure Germany cloud storage (ref: T-20368)
  • Enhancement - Support Azure Government cloud storage (ref: T-18694)
  • Enhancement - Support new Aliyun Bucket Regions - China North 5 (Huhehaote), Asia Pacific SE 5 (Jakarta), Asia Pacific SOU 1 (Mumbai) (ref: T-19746, T-21047)
  • Enhancement - Support new Amazon S3 Regions - EU (Paris) (ref: T-19913)
  • Bug fix - CBK fails to backup to Azure through Proxy (ref: T-20877)


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

File backup

  • Enhancement - Use “No Compression” for non-compressible file (ref: T-3829)
  • Enhancement - Add [Rebuild index] option in Data Integrity Check page of GUI (ref: T-20919)
  • Bug fix - Fail to run backup with error “Failed to upload cached index” (ref: T-21006)
  • Bug fix - Cannot backup files on network drive with folder named “#…” in its upper directory (ref: T-21309)
  • Bug fix - Could not reorder the backup destinations in both Concurrent Backup mode and Sequential Backup mode (ref“ T-21562)
  • Bug fix - Cloudbacko crashes during file backup Windows pop-up APPCRASH on bJW.exe (ref: T-21693)
  • Bug fix - Retention clearance job encounters error ”[PolicyExecutor.removeJobsByTime]BackupSet= “SCPA Server F - files (1463070045099)”, Cause= “null”“ (ref: T-20946)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Enhancement - Run Data Integrity Check run automatically before each backup job (ref: T-21500)
  • Enhancement - Support CA DigiCert Global Root G2 cert (ref: T-21632)
  • Bug fix - Fail to backup data from NAS after Windows 10 patch 1803 update (ref: T-21590)
  • Bug fix - Delete backup file encounters “Failed to delete…because it is not empty” (ref: T-21009)
  • Bug fix - Add checking data validation (is restorable) during data integrity check (ref: T-21312)

License / Billing module

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Operating Systems

  • Enhancement - Support Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra (ref: T-19293)


  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Reporting / Email report

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

Restore / Decrypt

  • Enhancement - Add checking to the permission of the temporary directory for restoration (ref: T-21095)
  • Bug fix - Backup and DIC failed due to unexpected files exist in usage folder (ref: T-20866)
  • Bug fix - Cannot restore some files with decryption key incorrect message (ref: T-20872)
  • Bug fix - Restore prompt and ask to enter the encryption key even after the correct key being inputted (ref: T-21041)
  • Bug fix - Unable to restore Cloud File Backup to alternative SFTP location with “socket is not established” error (ref: T-21620)

Software Update

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category

System maintenance

  • Bug fix - Retention policy job will fail with error if usage log is corrupted causing the backup status to be “backup completed with errors” (ref: T-20331)

User experiences

  • N/A - No updates have been made in this category
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