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There are four methods to restore your backed up VMware virtual machines.

Comparison of Restore Methods

Run Direct Non Run Direct Raw File Granular Restore
Introduction This restore method can power up a VM instantly by running it directly from the backup files in the backup destination. This is the conventional restore method where VM data is restored from the backup destination to the original VM host, another datastore of the original VMware host or another VMware host. If you wish to restore the VM to another VMware host (ESXi server) directly without using CloudBacko Pro CloudBacko Pro makes use of Granular Restore technology to enable a file level restore from a virtual disk file (VHD) of guest VM backup possible. It is particularly useful if you only need to restore individual file(s) from a guest VM, which would normally take a long time to restore and then power up before you can gain access to the files on the virtual disks. Granular restore gives you a fast and convenient way to recover individual files on a guest VM.
Pros Fast Recovery

Minimize VM server down time so as minimizing impact on your business
Complete VM restore can be done in one take; no data migration needed afterwards You can manually restore the VM to another VMware host (ESXi server) off-site without having to use AhsayOBM as the restore channel File level restore and access to files, without having boot up or to restore the entire Guest VM.

Pin-point file restore to save time and promote efficiency

Only one backup set required as opposed to the traditional restore method where two backup sets are required for file level restore
Cons Changes made to the running VM during Run Direct power up process will be lost when the VM is powered down if not committed to the VM by completing a successful migration. Recovery time could be long if the VM size is large

Long VM server down time may cause greater impact on your business
Restore procedures are relatively complicated No encryption and compression for backup set
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