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Standalone Environment Only

CloudBacko Pro does not support backup of MS SQL server in cluster environment, only standalone environment is supported.

VSS Backup Mode

  1. Only support backup of database on local drive. Database on network drive is not supported.

  2. VSS backup mode does not support transaction log backup, therefore, transaction log backup will have to be done manually. Or you can choose ODBC backup mode for transaction log backup.

  3. In order to truncate transaction logs, you have to perform a manual log truncation, which could be time consuming.

File System for Database Snapshot

You cannot create database snapshots on FAT32 file system or RAW partitions. The sparse files used by database snapshots are provided by the NTFS file system.

SQL Server Version

Automated Restore Option

If you have chosen the automated restoration to the Original SQL server or Alternate SQL server of your selection, the restoration can only be done in a SQL server version that is the same as the one used for performing the backup.

Manual Raw-file Restore Option

If you have chosen to restore the raw file, the raw database file(s) can be manually restored to the same or newer SQL server version that you used to perform the backup.

Restoration to Other SQL Server

  1. If you would like to restore database to an alternate SQL server, you can only choose to restore one database to restore at a time.

  2. If you would like to restore database to an alternate SQL server, make sure you choose to restore raw file by enabling the checkbox Restore raw file.
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