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About Run Direct

Hyper-V Run Direct is a recovery feature helps to reduce disruption and downtime of your production guest virtual machines.

Unlike normal recovery procedures where the guest virtual machine(s) are restored from the backup destination and copied to production storage, which can take hours to complete. Restore with Run Direct can instantly boot up a guest virtual machine by running it directly from the backup file in the backup destination; this process can be completed in minutes.

The following steps are taken when a Run Direct restore is initiated:

1. Delete Guest Virtual Machine - CloudBacko Pro will delete the existing guest virtual machine on the original or alternate location (if applicable).

2. Create Virtual Hard Disk Image Files - Empty virtual hard disk image files are created on the Hyper-V server (either on the original location or alternate location).

3. Create VSS Snapshot - A VSS snapshot is created to make the backup data read only and track changes made within the guest virtual machine environment.

4. Start Up Virtual Machine - The guest virtual machine is started up. To finalize recovery of the guest virtual machine, you will still need to migrate it from the backup destination to the designated permanent location on the Hyper-V server.

5. Copy Data - Copy the data from the backup files in the backup destination to empty hard disk images on the Hyper-V server.

6. Apply Changes - Apply any changes made within the guest virtual machine environment to the hard disk image files on the Hyper-V server.

7. Delete VSS Snapshot - The VSS snapshot will be deleted after the Run Direct restoration is completed.

The restored virtual machine, at this stage (e.g. before the restore is finalized) is in a read-only state to avoid unexpected changes. All changes made to the virtual disks (e.g. operation within the guest virtual machine) are stored in a VSS snapshot created for the Run Direct restore. These changes are discarded when Run Direct is stopped, where the restored guest virtual machine will be removed and all changes will be discarded, or the changes will be consolidated with the original virtual machine data when the restore is finalized.

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