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Requirements and Limitations

CloudBacko Pro Installation

Make sure that CloudBacko Pro is installed on the computer to be backed up.

Add-on Module Requirement

Make sure that the Windows System Backup add-on module is purchased for your CloudBacko Pro.

Windows Server Backup (WSB) Features

For Windows server platforms, the Windows Server Backup feature must be installed in order for either the system backup to take place.

Confirm in the Server Manager, the feature can be added by selecting Add Roles and Features.

Latest Service Packs from Microsoft

Ensure that you have the latest service packs installed.

Updates to the Windows operating system improve its performance and resolve known issues with Windows Server Backup.

Temporary Storage Location

Make sure that the storage location configured for the system image is set to a supported location.

The temporary storage location is required by the WBADMIN utility to temporary store the image file during the backup set.

The machine requires an additional drive to accommodate the spooling of the System State image file. As you can on our sample screen shot above, we have three (3) drives in total, Local Disk C:, Temp1 E:, and Temp2 F:

If by any chance the machine has only one (1) drive and it is his/her Local Disk C:, then one of the following options will need to be implemented

  1. An extra physical drive will need to be installed
  2. The existing C: drive will need to be repartitioned to create an additional drive, i.e. D:
  3. A USB drive needs to be connected
  4. Setup a network drive

Disk Space Available in Temporary Storage Location

Make sure that there is sufficient disk space available in the storage location for the backup set.

For a system backup, it will typically require disk space of the total used size of all volumes selected for backup.

Used space, not free space of all volumes selected for backup.

Maximum Supported Disk Size

For Windows Vista, or 2008 / 2008 R2 Server, source volumes with size greater than 2 TB (e.g. 2040 GB - 2 MB = 2088958 MB) are not supported.

This limitation is related to the .vhd file size limit.

This limitation does not apply to Windows 8 or newer releases of Windows platforms.

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