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Best Practices and Recommendations

Lastest CloudBacko

It is recommended that the latest version of CloudBacko Pro is installed on the computer to be backed up.

Temporary storage

For best performance, it is recommended that the temporary storage location of a MS Windows System backup set is set to a supported local volume, and not to a network volume (e.g. to improve I/O performance).

Critical volumes

It is highly recommended to enable the Include all critical volumes option to select all critical volumes for backup automatically. This will ensure that the backup image can be used for full-system / bare-metal recovery.

Memory Setting

The default maximum Java heap size on a 64bit Windows machine is 2048M. For better performance especially for in-file delta generation of large image files it may be advantageous to increase the maximum Java heap size. For best performance, consider increasing the memory allocation setting for CloudBacko Pro (Java heap space).

Not a Replacement for File Backup

An image-based / bare-metal backup should never be considered a replacement for a nightly data backup plan.

Firstly, image-based backups do not lend themselves easily to recovery of a single file. The nature of image-based backup requires a complete restore of the system image file, even if you only want to recover a single file.

System Recovery Plan

Consider performing routine system recovery test to ensure your system backup is setup and performed properly. Performing system recovery test can also help identify potential issues or gaps in your system recovery plan.

For best result, it is recommended that you should keep the test as close as possible to a real situation. Often when a recovery test is to take place, administrators will plan for the test (e.g. reconfiguring the test environments, restoring certain data in advance). For real recovery situation, you will not get a chance to do that.

It's important that you do not try to make the test easier, as the objective of a successful test is not to demonstrate that everything is flawless. There might be flaws identified in the plan throughout the test and it is important to identify those flaws.

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