Appendix G: Re-Authentication of Microsoft 365 Backup Set

Existing backup sets are suggested to be updated to use Modern Authentication. This will ensure that moving forward there will be no backup and restore issues to be encountered once Microsoft implements its product roadmap for Modern Authentication. This only needs to be done once per Microsoft 365 user account.

To update the backup settings, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log out all Microsoft 365 account on the default browser before starting the update of backup set.

  2. In the CloudBacko Pro main interface, click Backup Sets.

  3. Select the backup set that you want to update.

  4. If the backup set is using Basic Authentication, this pop up message will be displayed. Click Continue.

    If the backup set is using Modern or Hybrid Authentication, click Change settings.

    Click Next to proceed with the authentication process.

  5. Click Authorize.

  6. Sign in to your account.

    If MFA is enforced, select how you will verify your identity.

    If Text is selected, enter the code that was sent to your mobile number and click Verify to proceed.

    If Call is selected, answer the call and follow the instructions to verify your identity.

    Note: Verification will only be required if the MFA status of a Microsoft 365 account is enforced.

  7. Copy the authorization code.

  8. Go back to CloudBacko Pro and paste the authorization code. Click OK to proceed.

  9. Click Save to finish the update.
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