Appendix C: Setting Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

What is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)? It is an authentication method wherein the user will be granted an access only after successfully presenting two or more evidence or proof of personal information or identification. It also adds a second layer of security to users upon logging in.

To enable MFA of any Microsoft 365 user accounts, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in using a Microsoft 365 Administrator credentials.

  2. Click the App launcher then Admin icon.

  3. Go to Users and select Active users from the list.

  4. There are two ways to go to the MFA screen, below are the steps for the two options.

    First option:

    • Select any Microsoft 365 user account. The user’s information will be displayed.

    • In the lower part of the user’s information screen, look for the Manage multifactor authentication link.

      Second option:

    • In the Active users screen, click the [] ellipses.

    • Select Multi-factor authentication from the list.

  5. The multi-factor authentication screen will be displayed.

    Note: The two (2) options will go to the same screen.

  6. You can search and select one or more Microsoft 365 user accounts. There is also a drop-down list available for multi-factor authentication status namely, Disabled, Enabled and Enforced.

    • Disabled - this status refers to the users who are not yet enrolled in MFA. This is the default status.
    • Enabled - this status refers to the users who are enrolled in MFA, but changes have not yet taken effect.
    • Enforced - this status refers to the users who are enrolled in MFA and has completed the registration process.

  7. Upon selecting a user, a link to enable the MFA will be available on the right side of the screen. Click the Enable link to proceed.

  8. A warning message will be displayed. Click the enable multi-factor auth button to proceed. Otherwise, click the cancel button to abort.

  9. if you select enable multi-factor auth, the screen below shows the successful enabling of MFA for the Microsoft 365 user account that you selected.

  10. To finish the setup for the MFA, login using the MFA enabled Microsoft 365 user account.

  11. Upon logging in, there will be a message that will require you to provide more information to keep your account safe. Click Next to proceed.

  12. The Additional security verification screen will be displayed. Select one (1) option you want for the security of your account. You can choose from the three (3) options, Authentication phone, Office phone and Mobile app.

    • Authentication phone
      • Enter valid mobile number
      • Select a method:
        • Send me a code by text message
        • Call me

    • Office phone - enter a valid office phone number.

    • Mobile app - select which option you like upon using the mobile app:
      • Receive notifications for verification
      • Use verification code

  13. If you have selected the first option which is the Authentication phone with method Send me a code by text, you will receive a text message containing the verification code. Ensure that you have provided a valid mobile number.

  14. To verify if it's working, login using the MFA enabled Microsoft 365 user account.

  15. Select how you will verify your identity.

    If Text is selected, enter the code that was sent to your mobile number and click Verify to proceed.

    If Call is selected, answer the call and follow the instructions to verify your identity.

  16. After the verification process, the screen will be automatically redirected to the Microsoft 365 Main screen.
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