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Release Notes for CloudBacko Lite

v4.5.2.8 Release Notes (06-Jul-2021)

This release contains the major features listed below:

Bug Fix

Application Specific backup - Cloud File

  • File name in Hebrew, when listing in FTP Backup Source show garbled (ref: DNQ-763-34141, T-31026)

Application specific backup - Office365

  • Backup encountered error “File: %Backup_File_Path%\%.bak” NOT Found (ref: WNN-742-41273, T-31081)
  • Backup gets error “[CloudFileSystem.createFile] Parent directory 'Office 365/Users/xxx' does not exist” after changing email address (ref: VRY-889-36821, T-30811)
  • Backup gets error “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space + multiple “Connection pool shut down”” (ref: CUS-872-42392, HPE-198-35665, PPG-879-38672, T-31013)

File backup

  • File Backup gets error “[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near “s”: syntax error)” (ref: YXQ-191-65502, T-31109)
  • File backup Gets error “File: %Backup_File_Path%\%.bak” NOT Found. (ref: KEM-721-11495, TSJ-255-85262, T-31063)
  • File backup will reupload all files as updated file on macOS (ref: DGE-240-29286, T-31010)
  • If VSS is enabled and the root drive is selected as backup source in Windows environment, no file backed up in backup jobs (ref: PRJ-576-41123, RVL-148-38721, T-30957)»AdvisoryLinkHere«
  • File backup encounter error SQLite “OutOfMemory” when opening index file during backup (ref: T-30891)

Restore / Decrypt

  • File Backup restore gets error “[] Size of downloaded chunk is different from chunk size in index” (ref: HHG-529-22643, IKD-486-58470, T-30274)

Operating Systems

  • macOS schedule backup does not start automatically (ref: DMS-331-19434, DXQ-437-26511, GWA-919-54747, T-31016)
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