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Release Notes for CloudBacko Lite

v4.1.2.13 (11-Jun-2020)


Newly Support

Operating Systems

Backup modules

  • File - Add checking if VSS service is running or not before taking VSS (ref: UIQ-408-29795, T-20484)

Backup Destination

  • Allow to update the password for OpenStack / FTP / SFTP destination (ref: T-20617)

Reporting / Email report

  • Cannot set SMTP server with blanked username and password (ref: T-19119)

Software Update

  • Enhance the GUI to inform the user that the upgrade is still running after all files are downloaded during Software Update (ref: T-27023)

User experiences

  • Attempt to restore “information_schema” to Original/Alternate location stuck at same page after clicking Yes/No button in the prompt message (ref: T-21840)

Bug Fixes


  • Unable to install Cloudbacko Lite on Mac (ref: T-27462)
  • Failed to auto update Cloudbacko v3.7 to v4 (ref: T-26743)

Backup Modules

  • File - Backup Files without File Permissions does not work (ref: T-14967)

General / Miscellaneous

  • Duplicated name backup sets created by import/export settings (ref: T-14004)

Restore / Decrypt

  • Handle network issue that downloaded file size NOT match with that in index, CloudBacko will keep retry downloading the block file until user interrupt (ref: T-25882)
  • restore.bat SYNC_OPTION does not work properly when restore Windows COMMON FOLDER backup source to original folder (ref: T-16772)
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