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Release Notes for CloudBacko Lite

v4.3.0.23 (26-Nov-2020)

Datasheet of This Release


CloudBacko App

  • CloudBacko App is released in this version for using in conjunction with CloudBacko Pro / Lite / Home backup software
  • Backup photos and videos from iOS and Android mobile devices to selected folder on home PC or Mac
  • Act as 2-factor authenticator for CloudBacko Pro / Lite


  • Relocate SQLite and Snappy libraries for different OS (ref: T-28423)

Bug Fixes


  • Unable to uninstall NFS service with the uninstallation of CloudBacko (ref: T-29022)

System maintenance

  • When CloudBacko service is started, JAR files are being scanned where Tomcat takes long time to startup (ref: T-28488)
  • Encountered 'Please grant full disk to CloudBacko to avoid unexpected backup fail' warning when opening CloudBacko even granted full disk access (ref: T-28736)
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