6.2.1 Restore with Filter from Users

1. Select the item(s) you would like to restore. You can also choose to restore backed-up file from a specific backup job of your choice using the Select what to restore drop-down menu at the top. Click Next to proceed.

2. Click Search located below the Restore to local computer checkbox.

3. Change the path if you want to restore items from other location. Click the Change button then click OK to proceed.

4. If you are going to search for specific mails, then click the Outlook to expand for more selection. In our example below, Inbox of is selected.


If you are going to search for specific files and/or folders, then click the OneDrive to expand for more selection. In our example below, testBigFile-backup folder in OneDrive is selected.

5. Tick the Search subfolders checkbox if you want to include available subfolders upon searching.

6. Select from the following kind of files you want to search:

  • Files and Folders
  • Files only
  • Folders only
  • Mail – Subject
  • Mail – From
  • Mail – To
  • Mail – CC
  • Mail – BCC
  • Mail – Received Date
  • Mail – Sent Date

7. Select from the following type of filtering you want to search.

  • Contains
  • Exact
  • Starts With
  • Ends With

8. Enter a pattern you want and Tick the Match Case checkbox if you want to accurately search for a specific file.

9. Click the Search button and the result will be displayed.

10. Choose files by ticking each checkbox that you wanted to restore and click the OK button.

11. The selected files will reflect on the Restore main screen. Click the Next button to proceed.

12. Select which location the items will be restored. Choose from the following options:

  • Local machine – this option is located on the Restore main screen, lower left part.
  • Original location
  • Alternate location
  • Alternate Office 365 account

13. Click the Next button to proceed.

14. Input the temporary directory or click the Browse button to browse for the path. Click the Restore button to start.

If restore is completed, the status of the activity should be Restore Completed Successfully.

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