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 +======Release Notes for CloudBacko Home ====== ​
 +===== v2.5.0.0 (20-Feb-2017) =====
 +<WRAP important>​
 +==== Known Issues ====
 +  * Due to bug in v2.1.0.0/​v2.2.2.0,​ update from v2.1.0.0/​v2.2.2.0 to v2.5.0.0 via Software Update is not supported. Users are required to download installer to upgrade to v2.5.0.0.
 +  * Due to the temporary limitation imposed by Amazon Cloud Drive, backup and restore to Amazon Cloud Drive may take longer time.
 +  * Due to the limitation of Windows OneDrive free account, backup and restore to Windows OneDrive may take longer time
 +  * Unable to perform software update on Mac OS X
 +==== Enhancements and bug fixes ====
 +<WRAP indent>
 +Application specific backup
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Add java option "​-XX:​MaxDirectMemorySize=512m"​ to prevent [OutOfMemoryError] Direct buffer memory error. (ref: T-15556)
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Migrate "​OneDrive for Business"​ API to OneDrive API 2.0 (ref: T-14593)
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Update Amazon AWS S3 regions (ref: T-16067)
 +    * Asia Pacific (Mumbai) ap-south-1
 +    * Canada (Central) ca-central-1
 +    * EU (London) eu-west-2
 +    * US East (Ohio) us-east-2
 +  * Bug fix - Delete and re-upload the same file when failed to get output stream (ref: T-15745)
 +  * Bug fix - CBK fails to add Azure destination with error "The value for one the HTTP headers is not in the correct format"​ (ref: T-14516)
 +  * Bug fix - Fail to run backup with error Failed to obtain link and Failed to retain non-empty directory (ref: T-15696)
 +Backup Destination
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Support IBM Softlayer as Openstack destination (ref: T-15025)
 +  * Bug fix - Could not create Predefined Destination to AmazonS3 (Failed to access destination "​AmazonS3-1"​. Reason="​Access Denied"​) (ref: T-15722)
 +  * Bug fix - Cannot not add Onedrive for Business as a backup destination fails the [NullPointerExeption] null error (ref: T-13995)
 +  * Bug fix - Fail to install on OS X, the installer package is damaged and can't be opened (ref: T-14617)
 +File backup
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Speed up file backup/​restore (ref: T-14170)
 +  * Bug fix - Displayed backup record incorrectly (ref: T-14210)
 +  * Bug fix - Backup with PST file to Amazon keeps failing with Error="​[d] [ChunkedOutputStream.Flush Data.execute] Failed to flush buffer (ref: T-15032)
 +  * Bug fix - Backup Error "​[OutOfMemoryError] Direct buffer memory"​ (ref: T-15804)
 +  * Bug fix - File backup with Error=[BackupSrcShortCutManager.Windows.getBackupSrcShortCutPath] User SID cannot be null (ref: T-14201)
 +  * Bug fix - Backup Error "​[OutOfMemoryError] Direct buffer memory"​ (ref: T-15743)
 +  * Bug fix - Error="​[b] [CloudFileSystem.getChunkBuffer] InterruptedException,​ caused by [InterruptedException] null" (ref: T-15331)
 +  * Bug fix - After upgrade, backup got error and data integrity check got error (ref: T-13742)
 +  * Bug fix - Backup Error "​FastPipedOutputStream has been closed by the reading thread"​ (ref: T-15443)
 +  * Bug fix - Keeping to get the error message "​Failed to retain non-empty directory"​ during the backup procedure even updated (ref: T-14998)
 +  * Bug fix - Backup on MAC fails with "​[CloudFileSystem.deleteLinkTarget] Failed to obtain link" error (ref: T-15069)
 +  * Bug fix - File backup error "​Failed to delete '​[BackupFile][ClientPath=...because it is not empty. One of the existing files is..." (ref: T-15144)
 +  * Bug fix - Backup error : Failed to retain non-empty directory (ref: T-15335)
 +  * Bug fix - Failed to obtain link '​%%'​ for target (ref: T-15293)
 +  * Bug fix - Cannot perform the Data Integrity Check (ref: T-15076)
 +  * Bug fix - PDF Backup reports show errors "​[CloudFileSystem.deleteLinkTarget] Failed to obtain link" (ref: T-15356)
 +General / Miscellaneous
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Bundled empty microsoft-windowsazure-api-0.4.6.jar to installers (ref: T-14526)
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Provide a script (ListBackupSetFiles) to download a list of dirs/files that can be restored (ref: T-14062)
 +  * Bug fix - Memory is exhausted by CDP if thousands of delete were detected (ref: T-14060)
 +  * Bug fix - If CDP is enabled in the File backup set, then logout and use another account to login, CloudBacko service is terminated unexpected (ref: T-14576)
 +  * Bug fix - / ListBackupJob.bat not working (ref: T-14275)
 +  * Bug fix - Cannot Handle Encryption Key with Non-printable Characters in Re-configuration (ref: T-14139)
 +  * Bug fix - Cannot access backup set with String index out of range: 11 (ref: T-13478)
 +  * Bug fix - [Utilities] > [Delete Backup Data] cannot be run in the second backup set, after creating a backup set and running [Delete Backup Data] (ref: T-14026)
 +  * Bug fix - Backup Files are removed improperly after performing Data Integrity Check with CRC Enabled (ref: T-14394)
 +  * Bug fix - Exposes the Amazon / AWS S3 Access Key and AWS Secret Key in plain text when exporting the Backup Set Settings to XML (ref: T-15749)
 +License / Billing module
 +  * <color #​c3c3c3>​N/​A - No updates have been made in this category</​color>​
 +Operating Systems
 +  * <color #​c3c3c3>​N/​A - No updates have been made in this category</​color>​
 +  * <color #​c3c3c3>​N/​A - No updates have been made in this category</​color>​
 +Reporting / Email report
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Include "Skip running retention policy..."​ in the backup log (ref: T-13661)
 +  * Bug fix - Cannot update the usage in [Report]>​[Usage] by "Space Freeing Up" or "Data Integrity Check" or running backup job (ref: T-14022)
 +  * Bug fix - after upgrade, report usage page's destination list items are duplicated (ref: T-13747)
 +  * Bug fix - Cannot show correct usage after deletion of backup data (ref: T-14093)
 +  * Bug fix - CBK 2300 cannot display usage in Report section (ref: T-16055)
 +  * Bug fix - CBK 2300 French Interface shows invalid parameters (ref: T-15618)
 +Restore / Decrypt
 +  * Bug fix - Restore prompts to delete all data in destination by running DIC with CRC when fail to delete file (ref: T-14025)
 +  * Bug fix - Restore failed with "Path does not exist" errors when restoring lots of files with permissions (ref: T-13768)
 +  * Bug fix - Hangs when selecting the destination to restore (ref: T-14135)
 +  * Bug fix - CBK 2300 restore from S3 with "​Failed to list bucket"​ error (ref: T-16168)
 +Software Update
 +  * <color #​c3c3c3>​N/​A - No updates have been made in this category</​color>​
 +System maintenance
 +  * Bug fix - CBK cannot update the usage in [Report]>​[Usage] by "Space Freeing Up" or "Data Integrity Check" or running backup job (ref: T-14164)
 +User experiences
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Support changing the date format for reporting in interface (ref: T-14019)
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Prompt for Reminding to Write Down or Keep Encryption Key in Safe Place (ref: T-14356)
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Show warning message for removing user settings and encryption info during uninstallation (ref: T-14763)
 +  * <color #​22b14c>​Enhancement</​color>​ - Show clear CloudBacko Pro/​Lite/​Home icon in Notification on Windows 10 (ref: T-11541)
 +  * Bug fix - Cannot view online help pages (ref: T-14621)
 +  * Bug fix - Some online help screens not showing up for English, Traditional,​ and Simplified Chinese versions (ref: T-14730)
 +  * Bug fix - Selecting another backup set type reverts user-inputted name to default name when creating new backup set (ref: T-14086)
 +  * Bug fix - Client usage reporting shows repeated and incorrect information regarding selectable destination and backupsets (ref: T-14034)
 +  * Bug fix - Cloudbacko responds very slowly on any functions (GUI Slow + Freezing) (ref: T-14121)
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