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 ====== Windows System Backup Module for CloudBacko Pro ====== ====== Windows System Backup Module for CloudBacko Pro ======
 +CloudBacko Pro allows you to back up the whole Windows System with the Windows System Backup Module. This module of CloudBacko Pro provides you with a set of tools to protect your mission critical systems / personal computers on Windows operating system platforms. This includes an image-based / bare-metal backup feature, that leverages Microsoft’s native Wbadmin command-line tool ([[http://​​fwlink/?​LinkId=140216]]),​ and recovery feature, to ensure that your servers and computers are protected even if they are lost or destroyed entirely. ​ The image can be recovered onto a new device if necessary.
 +===== Topics =====
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​backup_process|Backup Process]]
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​requirement|Requirements and Limitations]]
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​best_practice|Best Practices and Recommendations]]
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​restore_consideration|Restore Consideration]]
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​configure_backup_set|Configure Backup Set]]
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​run_backup|Backup]]
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​restore|Restore]]
 +  * [[public:​module:​windows_system:​recover_server|Recover Your Server]]
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