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 +====== FAQ: Office 365 Exchange Online mailboxes restore behavior ======
 +Q1: If I restore a mailbox to a backup version, say from one year ago, what would happen with the current e-mail messages in that mailbox?
 +A1: If you restore a copy of a mailbox from a year ago to its original location then the items on the old snapshot will be added to the current mailbox.
 +Q2: Would cloudbacko replace the contents, taking the mailbox and all the messages to the exact state it was one year ago, deleting the current e-mail messages received after?
 +A2: No. It will add the old data to the current mailbox
 +Q3: Or will it just put back every e-mail message it has on that backup version, ending up with a mailbox that would contain every e-mail it has now, plus every e-mail it had then?
 +A3: Yes
 +Q4: What happens with e-mail messages that were in the backup version, but still exist in the current mailbox, and what about messages that have been moved, subfolders, etc.?
 +A4: Duplicate contents will be overwritten while items no longer in the mailbox but is in the old snapshot will be added back to the mailbox.
 +Q5: Does the restore behaviour changes if I choose to restore just an Inbox subfolder or a specific list of e-mails, for example?
 +A5: Same behavior
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